How Much Does it Typically Cost to Hire Movers?

When it comes to hiring a moving company, the cost is one of the major factors to put into consideration. But you will always find that different moving companies in Greenwood Indiana have different terms and conditions and charge differently.

Typically, most companies charge per hour, especially for local moving companies. However, many factors determine how much you will be charged for the move.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Moving

Moving is not as easy as it sounds; moving. It is a whole lot more than that; a process that requires planning. And different types of moves all amount to different costs. Here are some of the factors that you can expect to make your move to be really cheap or really expensive;

Long Distance vs. Short Distance

This is obviously the number one factor that will determine how much your movers will charge you. Shorter distances will cost you way less than longer distances. This is because you will need way fewer services and planning than a long-distance move might need.

And, you can also find moving companies that are only certified to move short distances. They are called short distance moving companies or rather local movers. Long-distance moving, e.g. across the country and different states will need more planning and have more costs.

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The Type of Moving Company

This follows closely with the first point discussed above. Local moving companies generally charge less than long-distance moving companies. So this comes down to your requirements. If you are moving locally, you might want to look into hiring local companies which will be cheaper than when you hire long-distance companies while moving across the state.


You might not always need to rent storage every time you move. But sometimes the need arises, and when it does, it leaves you with no choice. Your moving company should be able to provide storage if need be.

Remember the cost for storage will be added to your overall moving cost. So storage becomes yet another factor that impacts the cost of moving. 

The Number of Items Being Moved

Look at it this way; if you are living alone in a one-bedroom flat, you definitely have fewer items than a family of three, in a four-bedroom flat. The latter, in turn, translates to more planning, bigger truck, probably more labor, etc. this means a higher cost than the one-bedroom flat owner. 

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The Nature of your Belongings

We all have different styles, and different tastes and different people’s belongings would differ. No matter the case, we all have those invaluable we keep that would require extra care while moving. Some items require special professionals and special equipment to make moving successful. This may come as extra services with extra charges. 

The Services you Request

Now, this wraps it all up. The type of services you request is one of the main determinants of how much your cost would amount to. Moving comes with a lot of things to do and you can’t just manage it all by yourself. Some of these services include;

  • Searching for packing boxes and other packing materials
  • Packing
  • Dissembling furniture
  • Loading and offloading, and much more…

If you request full moving services, which includes everything from providing packing materials to packing to unpacking, the cost will be more than you were to just request for a truck and a driver without any other services or more labor. 

The amount of services you request entirely depends on your own requirements and the type of moving you need; long-distance or local. So there is no definite amount for moving costs. Just define your requirements and find the best-fitting company. 

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