How Much Does An Epoxy Flooring Project Cost?


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Do you have an upcoming flooring project? There are many flooring options you can adopt for this project, one of them being epoxy. Epoxy flooring is a relatively new solution construction gurus are adopting. It consists of a base and top coat. The base coat is epoxy resin, with the top coat being a hardener like polyurethane.

According to an epoxy flooring Plano TX contractor, when adopting any solution, you want to know how much impact it has on your project costs. It’s a concern this article looks to answer.

The following are some factors affecting the price of an epoxy flooring project:

Your Chosen Contractor

You’ll find providers offering similar services at different prices in service provision. Hence, it’s best to compare several of them.

It’d help to request quotes for the project and compare the prices. As you compare, note that contractors will use different mechanisms to arrive at their prices. Some will price per square footage, others have a fixed price, and others will charge based on the scope of work. You should be able to compare appropriately to avoid confusion that’ll make you choose an expensive contractor.

If you settle for an expensive flooring contractor, expect your project costs to be high. The reverse also applies to an affordable contractor.

As you find a contractor, choose the one qualified for the job. Find online resources like the below video to help you to find a suitable contractor.

Condition Of The Floor

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Successful epoxy flooring installation requires that you do it on a clean surface with the right sub-surface. Based on your floor’s condition, you might need to prepare it before applying the epoxy. If it’s the case, expect the project to be expensive because the floor preparation will be additional work for the flooring contractor.

On the other hand, if your floor is ready with the right base, preferably concrete, and free of debris, expect the costs to be low. Here, the contractor will start installing the epoxy application right away. The scope of work is small.

Type Of Epoxy Flooring

There are many epoxy flooring options from which you can choose. In most cases, the difference arises in the composition and type of finish you adopt. Regarding composition, you’ll find solid, solvent, and water-based epoxy. Solid epoxy is purely made of epoxy; solvent epoxy has solvents, and water-based has minimal to no solvents present. Among the three, solid epoxy is the most expensive, followed by solvent-based, then water-based epoxy.

On the other hand, you can adopt epoxy finishes in three ways. There’s all-in-one epoxy where the base and top coat are mixed, two-part epoxy where the base and top coat are separate, and three-part epoxy where there are the base, middle, and top coats. Here, the more components, the more expensive the project will be. You often have to acquire each of these separately, so expect it to be expensive. It’ll also take more time to apply three coats than one.

Square Footage

The square footage refers to the floor area you’re applying the epoxy. It goes without saying that the bigger the square footage, the more expensive the project. A large floor increases the amount of epoxy the contractor will use. Labor will also be intense, adding to the project costs. However, with small square footage, expect the costs to be low.

Your Chosen Vendor

The vendor refers from whom you’ll source your epoxy materials. Like contractors, vendors will sell similar products at different prices. Therefore, how and whom you choose determines the epoxy flooring project cost.

It’d help to inquire about the price of the materials from different vendors. As you compare the costs, consider the quality of their products. Some sell substandard epoxy products, and you’ll need repairs or replacements a few months later.

A vendor whose epoxy materials are affordable will lead to low project costs, with the reverse happening for an expensive vendor.

Your Chosen Design

You can achieve different designs with epoxy flooring since you apply it in liquid form. Some of these designs are more expensive to achieve than others.

For example, solid-color epoxy flooring is simple to apply since it’s uniform, making it an affordable choice. You can also achieve patterns and incorporate crystals with the flooring, with 3D finishes also possible. Should you choose a complex design, expect the flooring project to be expensive.

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Epoxy flooring is an ideal solution for your floors. The discussion above has given insight into how much this flooring project will cost. With the information, you want to apply it hand-in-hand with your project budget. The budget will guide you in knowing the limits to your designs and other aspects of the flooring. As you do this, be sure to put functionality and durability at the forefront, with aesthetics taking second place. You want flooring that’ll serve you for many years.

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