How Do I Paint By Numbers Like A Pro?


How Do I Paint By Numbers Like A Pro 1

Probably you’re tired of creating amateurish works of art. This is indeed the time to level up your paint by number game and make it tight. With much practice and knowledge of the right hacks, you can begin to paint like a pro in no time. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your loved ones, getting custom paint by numbers from photo to create a personalized painting can make their hearts swell with affection. However, you need to master the pro tips first. 

In this article, we will share amazing hacks and tips that will be helpful to you. 

6 Ways To Help Improve Your Paint by Number Skills

Painting is a skill, which means it can improve as you keep at it. However, these tips can make your process faster because I have used them myself to create appealing paintings. All it takes is continuous practice. 

  1. Pick your colors one number at a time.

Picking colors one number at a time will help you match the numbers with the corresponding color to avoid mixing up. As easy as it looks, this tip will help improve the overall look of your artwork and help you organize the whole painting process sequentially. It will also make you more efficient at what you do. 

How Do I Paint By Numbers Like A Pro 3

  1. Close the paint jars when they are not in use 

Using too many colors at a time will expose the jars of paint to air for too long. You only open up paint when you need it. If you have to use more than one color and it dries up, there’s no reason to get yourself all worked up; add little water. For other types of paint apart from acrylic, air can render them useless. This hack separates the amateurs from the pros. 

  1. Start with darker colors and then transition slowly to lighter ones 

Dark colors create the background look for the whole painting. It is better to move from darker colors to lighter ones and then leave the mix of colors as the last step. As this will help you have a better understanding of color combinations. You can easily observe the effect of the light colors on the dark ones.

  1. Use the right brushes. 

Paint by number brushes come in different sizes. Different brush types are better suited for different paint types. For example, synthetic brushes are the best when working with water-based paints. Your easy paint by number kits come with about 3 brushes, and you must identify the one that suits your needs best.

  1. Paint in the lines 

This helps you fill up every unnecessary gap. If you find it challenging to stay within the lines, you can fill up the lines with white paint. Painting outside the lines can be a huge spoiler towards achieving the fantastic look you want. 

  1. Perfect your blending skills 

Blending is the perfect technique to get a flawless look when working with your paint by number. It involves combining two different colors to create a fantastic look. In addition, it can make a gentle transition involving a combination of different colors, for example, the sunset or the waves of an ocean. Advanced artists mostly use it, but you can consciously practice it to give your artwork a fantastic look.

How Do I Paint By Numbers Like A Pro 1

Final Thoughts 

Applying these tips will help you start painting like a pro in no time. They will move you from a newbie to an intermediate painter. If you are an advanced painter, it can further improve your work because good can be an enemy to your best version. Growth is a constant thing, especially in painting, and if you want it, you put in the work.

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