How Much Does a House in Valdosta GA Cost?


House in Valdosta GA Cost

The city Valdosta is a county of Lowndes, Georgia in United States. The population of Valdosta is approximately 56,457. Valdosta Metropolitan Statistical Area is the principal city of Valdosta which includes Brooks County. It houses the Valdosta University which has 10,900 students. Valdosta High school is a part of the football program and has the highest win across all high schools in U.S. Also known as the Azalea City going by the name of the plant which grows in abundance in this area. Thus, hosts the annual Azalea Festival in the third month of the year.


The county Valdosta was formed on December 7th, 1860 near Troupville. It is located on the Coastal Gulf plain of Georgia. The landscape is virtually flat. However, there was a time when it was a center for growing cotton in United States. The railroad stretched between Valdosta and Waycross which was the longest stretch of railroad during civil war. Currently the county has the highest stretch of highways with no curves. The then Governor of Troupville named the county after the Aosta Valley in Italy. The name in Latin means Augusta which refers to Emperor Augustus. There is a rumor that the city’s name is “vale of beauty”.

Geographical Features

Central Lowndes County is where the city Valdosta is located at 30°50′48″N 83°16′59″W. Florida state line is 15 miles north to the city, 370 Kilometers south of Atlanta, Dothan, Alabama lies 222 kilometers east and Jacksonville Florida lies 190 kilometers away. According to the census 36.4 square miles is land and 35.9 square miles is water. The Withlacoochee River runs on the western edge while the eastern side of the city goes to Mud Creek.


The city has a humid climate with mild winters and hot summers. The temperature is around 32 °C but in summer because of the heat wave the temperature may rise to 37 °C occasionally. It does snow during the winter, but it is rare. However, there are many occasions where light frosts occur in winter. The minimum temperature in winter goes to a maximum low of -3.9 °C.


It is connected to the major highways such as Interstate 75, U.S Highway 41, U.S highway 84 and U.S Highway 221. The other major transportation options are the Azalea City trail, Regional Airport of Valdosta, Greyhound bus station.


It has multiple manufacturing plants for tobacco, turpentine, lumber. It has one regional mall which is known as the Valdosta Mall which includes several branded names such as Best Buy, Home depot, Kohl’s, Lowes, Office Max, Target and Publix.

Cost of Houses in Valdosta GA

Cost of Houses in Valdosta GA
For a 3-4 bedrooms house with a 2-bath option which has a coverage of 1423sqft to 5103sqft would costs you from $34,000 to $172,680 approx according to realty companies Valdosta GA. The best location to find the houses would be Jennings, Remerton, Moody, Hahira, and Dasher. These locations have the best schools, Housings and higher employment options. The median house hold income is around $41,310 and has an unemployment rate of less than 1%.

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