How Live Chat Can Help Increase Sales for Home Services Businesses

Live chat has many benefits for businesses and with such a competitive online market, you need to stand out for the crowd and offer great customer service to retain your customers. Offering live chat has many benefits which can boost sales and ensure customers don’t turn elsewhere for orders. Here is how your business could benefit from a live chat service.

Better Customer Service

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Great customer service is key to keeping your customers coming back. Live chat makes it simple to get a problem solved quickly. This means no more waiting around in telephone queues or sending an email, with a live chat service a customer can get a reply in minutes. With so much competition out there, can you afford to let your customers wait around? Many people will simply find a different website if they don’t get a quick reply. This article presents some extremely compelling statistics that prove just how important live chat is to customers.


Live chat doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. You can either choose to set up your own live chat and have your own representatives or you can find an agency to do it for you. Live chat specialists Home Service Back Office offer great rates for live chat services, specifically for those who own a plumbing or HVAC business. Furthermore, they only charge for chats that produce either an order or a lead. This means you are only paying when your business is also making money, making your live chat service both affordable and efficient.


Live chat leads to personalization for customers which is a great way to increase sales. A live chat representative could be on hand to offer products or promotions that a customer has previously looked at or simply ask them if they need help with their order. Even a simple greeting may be enough to boost sales and keep a customer interested. Looking at frequently asked questions is another way to personalize your site for customers. If your live chat representatives are often asked about shipping, it may be worth your time to improve the information about shipping and make it more visible on your site.


A live chat window at the opportune moment may lead to the upselling of a product. Just as many supermarkets leave items near the checkouts, offering upselling of relevant deals or products as your customer is visiting their basket may lead to an extra sale. You may also be able to offer a promotion code or free shipping, which will lead to a happier customer and means they are more likely to come back again.
With technology ever advancing, customers are getting used to getting a quick reply. Without this, they may move on to another business who can answer their queries quickly. Live chat leads to better customer service and personalization, which will ultimately boost sales. Live chat is also cost-effective and may lead to upselling of products.

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