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How Exterior Cleaning Helps In Improving Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Before listing your home on major property classified ads, focus on the things you can improve, not only indoors, but also in your outdoor living space. A good buy that is appealing to the eyes is a clean and beautiful-looking home.

Whether you’re planning to sell your home soon or in the future, it’s important to keep your exterior home clean and at its best look at all times. Thus, exterior cleaning helps improve the curb appeal of your property.

In this post, you’ll learn the importance of exterior cleaning to make your home more appealing to potential home buyers and visitors.

Power Washing: Clean and Renewed Looking Home

Power Washing

When it comes to real estate, first impressions last. That’s why your property should make a great impact starting from your home’s curb. For instance, power washing your driveway, concrete fence, deck, exterior walls, and pavement would remove sticky grime, oil, and accumulated dirt from too many months or years of use.

Here are the benefits of power washing:

  • Potential homebuyers won’t worry about your home’s siding conditions. Invest in a siding power wash to make them fall in love with your lovely home. It helps extend the life span of your exterior siding.
  • Power washing your property can reduce future repairs due to rot and decay, which are usually expensive.
  • Power washing prevents the formation of mold and mildew in moist shady areas, most especially if you reside in an area with high humidity or if your gutters are overflowing.
  • It eliminates airborne contaminants, like mold spores wafting into your home through windows, cracks, and doors. Homebuyers with asthmatic or elderly family members would find your home suitable and healthy place to live in.

Roof Cleaning: Clean and Safe Roofing System

An unkempt roof would cause roofing materials to break down faster. Algae usually feed off in asphalt shingles in limestone, which could cause a major roof cosmetic issue. Moss or algae grows thick on your roof and can create spaces between shingles. It causes moisture exposure of the decking that results in leaks and rot.

That’s why it’s vital to keep your roof clean at all times with the help of roof cleaning services, so as to save money on major roof repairs and replacements. A major benefit of roof cleaning is that it instantly improves your home’s curb appeal, maintaining its value over time. Aside from keeping your home beautiful, your roof lasts longer with regular cleaning.

Landscaping: Major Garden Complete Makeover

Garden Complete Makeover

Keeping your garden clean and beautiful would surely catch the attention of homebuyers, most especially those who love gardening. A great-looking garden also helps you relax while you breathe fresh air it brings. So how do you ensure the great condition of your garden or yard?

Here are some ways you can clean and maintain to achieve a lush, green garden:

  • Cleaning your garden regularly is important, most especially during the fall season, by removing dry leaves to avoid pests from breeding and attacking fresh leaves during spring.
  • When you notice them, prune all damaged branches to prevent spreading the disease and damaging your entire plant.
    Place and arrange plants based on their sunlight requirements. For instance, make sure to place a shade-loving plant away from the sun and vice versa so they will grow to their full capacity and will be less vulnerable to diseases.
  • Avoid watering plants in abundance or too frequently. Determine the water requirements of your plants so as to provide them only what they need to avoid growth and development issues such as ugly and dry leaves and flowers.
  • Hire landscaping services to mow and add landscaping details to your garden for a complete exterior makeover.

Other Ways to Clean Your Home Exterior

Aside from power washing your driveway and pavement, roof cleaning, and mowing your garden, there are other ways to make your home exterior clean:

  • New Paint: Apply fresh coats of paint to your exterior walls, fences, front door, windows, and garage area to completely transform the looks of your home, even without major renovation or home addition. It will eradicate dirty vandalism or markings due to old age on the walls.
  • Cut Unhealthy and Dead Trees: Trees that show signs of disease, like wilting or discoloration should be removed from your property. Also, trees that block man-made structures such as power lines and your home’s foundation, should be pruned or cut down.


Exterior cleaning, such as power washing, roof cleaning, and mowing your garden, can definitely improve your home’s curb appeal. All of these measures can bring out the beauty of your home, along with simple exterior decoration and renovation, as well as newly painted walls and fences.

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