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How do Swim Spas Differ from Swimming Pools?

How do Swim Spas Differ from Swimming Pools?

The small size of pocket-friendly swim spas and its easy installation together with portability are some of the reasons for its popularity. The small units allow homeowners to enjoy swimming just as they would have in swimming pools. But you must keep in mind that a swim spa is like a swimming pool but not the swimming pool that you know. There are some major differences between the two, the most visible being the size. You can set up swimming spas in confined spaces as small as 14 feet x 6 feet, which is just not possible for swimming pools. Instead, comparing swim spas with hot tubs would be a more practical approach to understand the new recreational facility that is fast gaining popularity.

Swim spas are more versatile

Swimming pools are one of its kinds, and it will not be right to compare it with swimming spas because it serves different needs of people. In fact, swim spas are more versatile in that it can also double up as a hot tub that you cannot expect from swimming pools. Swim spas can address a variety of needs of families from providing enjoyment and relaxation to exercising even in indoor spaces. You can set up swim spas inside your home as it is a few sizes bigger than bathtubs.
More flexibility

More flexibility

Indoor swimming pools with hot water is an option in colder climates but usually when we talk about swimming pools the picture of clear blue water under the sky that offers highly refreshing and relaxing experience flashes on our minds. Pools are for hot weather mostly but swim spas are much more flexible as these are available as a combination of both cold and hot water, or you can choose anyone. Even if you choose any one option, it is easy to switch over to another.

Portability is another feature of swim spas that makes it completely different from stationary swimming pools. You can move swim spas around the house and can even place it on the deck or patio or move it to some mother place inside your home.

More relaxation

Swim spas are more relaxing as it comes with the facility of sitting in water and lounging that usually is not available in swimming pools. The design of swim spas incorporate the concept of spas and allow people to sit and relax which is why you will find special seating arrangements in swim spas that you must especially create for swimming pools by purchasing extra gadgets that can be quite costly.
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Swim differently

While you would swim in the same way in swim spas and swimming pools, the nature of swimming would be quite different. Swimming in pools entails lateral movement that is absent when you swim in swim spas. Swim spas allow special kind of swimming in which the body remains fixed in one position while you enjoy exercising in the same way as in swimming pools.

For comfort, fitness, fun and luxury at affordable cost, swim spas are truly unbeatable.

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