How a Freelancer That Works From Home Can Create a Space That Promotes Productivity and Quality of Life

A freelancer working from home is already living the dream in the opinion of many people in the professional world. The person working from home needs to produce in order to earn money so maximizing productivity increases income which is not always true in traditional working environment. Working from home also allows you to live a higher quality of life as you have more time to yourself instead of commuting or traveling for work. Creating a space that helps encourage both productivity and quality of life will take work but it is more than possible as will be outlined below.

The Home Office Can Be For Work….And To Get Away

Your home office can be for work but it can also be time to get away from a noisy house or in-laws. A massage chair can be the perfect addition to help you relax throughout the day while still getting work done. You will be sitting for quite a long time each day so this can help you combat a stiff neck as well as problems with your back. Take the time to put up things that motivate you to work that much harder as nobody understands what motivate you better than you.
The Home Office Can Be For Work….And To Get Away

Installing A Pool To Work Around In Good Weather

A pool can allow a freelancer to relax while working and can be a better creative environment for those writing or handling some sort of web design. In colder climates this will not be a great investment but in states like Florida a home can immensely help resale value with many buyers wanting a pool due to the warm weather. Even an above ground pool can be great to relax around or jump into during a break in your work.

A Home Gym Can Be Immensely Useful

A home gym can allow for a freelancer to get a workout in during the day or in the morning early before they get to work. Getting up for that 5AM workout is not as hard when the gym is in your garage or extra bedroom. Starting the workday early after exercising will allow you to be more productive as well as get in those extra hours that all freelancers know are important. Working an extra 50 percent per week by working 60 instead of 40 hours can allow a person to experience true financial health.
A Home Gym Can Be Immensely Useful

Designate Rooms Where Your Smartphone Is Not Allowed

There should be rooms like your office where your smartphone is not allowed in unless you are on a client call. The smartphone for many is one of the largest distractions especially without a manager looking over your shoulder. There are also apps that can block social media as well as other platforms that are predominantly used for distraction or entertainment. Friendly stylish signs reminding you about cell phone usage outside of these rooms can be a reminder for the entire family not to waste so much time on the phone.

As you can see you can make your professional life as comfortable as possible with the right steps. Take time to assess how you can live your best life when freelancing.

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