House Moving Tips To Make Your Relocation Peaceful and Easy

Relocation is an exhilaration experience, and it opens the door to new possibilities and changes. It also comes with its own set of challenges…the main one being physically packing up and moving to the new place. There are a lot of things to take care of, and proactive planning will help immensely. Our house moving tips will ease the burden.

Our house moving tips to ease your transition.


1. Plan in advance

Chalk out the plans for the moving day, at least few weeks in advance. If you are hiring removalists, keep them in the loop. If you are planning to pack yourselves, get appropriate boxes and packing materials few weeks in advance. It is also an ideal time to discard unwanted or excess possessions. Try to check for tips on making moving with kids easier. You will find many helpful articles online

2. Sort out the care plan for your pets

Proactive approach is needed to plan for the moving day, when pets are on board. Have a health check done, and make sure your pet is up to date with vaccines. Microchip your pet to ensure they stay safe. A collar with your name and number will help, on the off chance that your pet ventures away from home.

3. Pack an essentials bag

The day of the move tends to be tiring, and unpacking in the new abode cannot be accomplished as soon as you move in. Pack a bag with essentials to tide over a day or two. You can add items to it till the moving day.

4. Pack the fragile items first

Sort out the breakable possessions, and pack them in soft clothing to avoid damage. The same can be done for crockery and other kitchen utensils. Pack the trays and plates by stacking them in upright position. This prevents them chipping during transit. This guide will help you pack your glasses safely for moving.

5. Label the boxes

It is a good plan to label the boxes with itemized list and room they belong to. That makes it easy to unpack in new abode. Label the boxes on the sides, as this helps even if the boxes are stacked on one another. Number each box and maintain a check list.

6. Packing tips for clothing

It is a good idea to pack your shirts and formal wear with hangers. You can just unpack and hand it in the closet in minutes. For smaller items of clothing, vacuum sealing them will help save space.

7. Packing up electronics

Wires are baffling for anyone, and when packing up electronics, there is an array of cables and wires from various sockets. Take a photograph of the electronic item with wires still connected, before removing individual cables to pack up. This helps immensely when you are setting them up in the new place. Pack screws and minor items in small ziplock bags and tape it to the base of the item.

8. Packing Jewellery

Jewellery are fragile, it is a good idea to wrap each item of jewellery in a zip lock bag or cling film, and further wrap them in soft items of clothing.

9. Packing drawers

Complete drawers like the ones holding your cosmetics can be cling wrapped to keep things in place during transit. It is easier to unpack too. Liquid items like shampoos need to be cling wrapped to avoid spillages.

10. Move during working days


When you move during a working day, all amenities like banks, municipal offices and grocers are open and this is an ideal scenario. The traffic manageable on weekdays, than on weekends and holidays. Maintain a list of all contacts like movers and technicians, for emergency assistance.

House move is not as chaotic as you fear, when you are prepared well in Advance. The feeling of fear arises if you are relocating with family but you can channel the stress into making it a fun drive and move with kids like a pro. Hiring a removalist will ease the process immensely.

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