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Gold leaf is a hot trend! You know what else is in style? Breaking dated decor rules. So, if you have shied away from gold — thinking it’s too daring, it’s time to re-think. Decorating with gold is the easiest way to add a bit of shimmer and glamour to your house without being overboard. Think Gold Wall Decor. Gold Crown Moulding.

From a swoon-worthy bathroom, to easy DIY accessories, we have rounded up some of the best home improvement mini-projects with and without gold leaf, paint.

A Glitzy Bookcase – Strip off those garnish dust jackets, and spray gold paint on your metallic bookcase.
A Glitzy Bookcase
Golden Bookends – If you are not ready to commit to an entire gold bookshelf, you can brush up the bookends with gold leaf pieces.
Golden Bookends
Wrap books in a shimmery paper – Available at all craft stores, it makes even the fluffiest fiction book look smart. You can also enhance the look of the cover by wrapping it with gold tattoo.
Wrap books in a shimmery paper
Paint the ceiling – Light tones are calming and soothing, but bold metallic tones might just be the remodelling your fifth wall needs.
Paint the ceiling
Add a little glitter – Gild a lamp, table, or chair in gold leaf. ( Gold leaf comes in different carats and tones.)
Add a little glitter
Wild and Gilded Lightings – The bedroom lighting is the most important element of a well-decorated sleeping space. Add a hint of gold to your bedroom by painting your chandelier with gold leaf paint. If a golden chandelier is too much for your style, paint your ceiling light fixture with gold leaf.
Wild and Gilded Lightings
Swoon-Worthy Bathroom – Ever thought about using gold fixtures in your bathroom? Create stunning bathroom look with gold accents. Bold metallic fixtures look good with almost every colour scheme.
Swoon-Worthy Bathroom
A Dash of Gold – Give your curtain rods a gold transformation and pair them with simple curtains.
A Dash of Gold
Give Your Bar the Golden Touch – Make your bar cart ready for guests by painting it in gold. Add some faux marble to it, and turn your home into a fancy Manhattan hotel.
Give Your Bar the Golden Touch
Golden Barstools – Line your home bar or counter with these stunning gold barstools. If you can’t find these barstools at your nearest home goods store, DIY this look by applying gold paint to simple metal barstools.
Golden Barstools
Upgrade your shower nozzle – With the right nozzle and perfect water temperature, you can enjoy the downpour like you are in the Maldives.
Upgrade your shower nozzle
Dress Your Windows – Drapery doesn’t just cover the window from incoming light; it also makes your space aesthetically pleasing.
Dress Your Windows
Gold Accented Console – Give your console table a makeover by adding a gleam of gold. Modernize your old console by painting the metal hardware.
Gold Accented Console
Bath Time Beauty – Set up a bathtub caddy so that you can enjoy your bubble bath with good champagne and a soaking read.
Bath Time Beauty
Paint your rooms – Nothing, absolutely nothing transforms a space better than a beautiful wallpaper and wall paint.

Swap the pulls – Class up your cabinet with these fancy knobs.
Swap the pulls
Boost your home’s curb appeal – Invest in a fancy garage door made out of solid wood — especially if it sits at the front of your house.
Boost your home’s curb appeal
Just like life, your home is a series of evolutions and special moments. Tackle these home improvement projects – do it today… and love it tomorrow – sometimes with help! — and you will definitely create a space that reflects your personal style.

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