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For most of us, our vehicle is among our single biggest purchase, with the exception of a house, a car would probably be the second most expensive purchase the average American makes. Cars are expensive, there’s no doubt about that, no matter the brand, size or category of car you own it’s still going to cost you a bit in the grand scheme of things.

The fact that we’re spending so much money on vehicles should be more than enough motivation to protect them at all costs. Today, we’ll look into a few of the most impressive vehicle protection technologies available now at Jakob & Daughter Locksmith Washington DC

Digital Car Locks

Over the past few decades, car doors have changed quite a bit and evolved into what we’re used to today. The types of locks used on car doors have also evolved with more and more car owners opting in for cars with digital locks that can be controlled and monitored remotely.
Digital Car Locks
Some variations of digital car locks don’t require the usage of keys to gain access; they can be opened using fingerprints or voice command in some cases. Digital car locks have improved the general security of cars by making them harder to break into.

Magnetic Car locks

Magnetic locks have gained widespread acclaim during the past few years and it comes as no surprise to anyone especially when we consider the fact that magnetic locks are the epitome of effectiveness. At Jakob & Daughter Car Locksmith Washington DC we have all that you need!

Magnetic locks make use of magnets to secure and open a wide variety of things including cars, magnetic locks offer an effective and almost unpickable means of keeping your vehicle safe.

They don’t necessarily have to be used on your car door; they can also be effective when securing hidden compartments within your car thereby affording you the luxury of multiple levels of protection.

LoJack Car Tracking System

If your vehicle ever gets stolen, you want to have a LoJack installed. They make use of radio tracking to find and recover your vehicle in the event of theft.

The LoJack system has close ties with law enforcement including state police and the likes when a LoJack homing device gets activated it shows up on police computer systems.

Each LoJack unit is linked to a specific car thanks to your cars unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This system is more a less a last resort for when every other security measure fails.

Remote keyless Systems

Similar to digital car locks, remote keyless systems perform the functions of a traditional car key without physical contact with any part of the door.

Remote keyless systems are electronic locks that not only perform the job of standard mechanical car keys but they’ve also improved on the performance of traditional keys by providing users with increased functionality.
Remote keyless Systems
Remote keyless systems generally include both a “remote keyless ignition system” and a “remote keyless entry system” that’s capable of both opening and closing your vehicle while also starting your vehicle’s engine.

Vehicle Identification Number Shielding

When you purchase a vehicle it’ll come with a unique identification number made up of a series of digits unique to your car. More often than not, you can find your cars VIN on the dashboard where it’s viewable through your vehicle’s windshield.

When a car gets stolen, thieves can simply cover up your visible VIN to conceal the identity of your vehicle and make it easier to transport. You can further extend the protection of your car by putting visible parts of your vehicle through a process called VIN etching where you apply your VIN to numerous parts on your vehicle thereby making it harder to sell off for parts.


It’s easier than it’s ever been to completely overhaul your vehicles lock and key system if you ever feel like your current system isn’t for you or there’s room for improvement then you can have your vehicle re-keyed by a skilled automotive locksmith or call the best Washington, DC service available.

The primary aim of your current lock and key system is to keep your vehicle safe but it’s important to keep in mind that times change and so does technology. Staying up to date with the latest car security technology is important, so try not to shy away from having new vehicle keys made every now and then.

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