High-Tech Thrones Worthy of Your Kingdom

If you just bought a new Rancho Santa Fe real estate property and in the process of completing your bathrooms, there are different options available when it comes to toilets. Gone are the days when all that is available are the flush and fill type. Today, toilets come with sophisticated designs and are powered with some high-tech stuff.

More than the flushing, you can now enjoy toilets that have heated seats, air-purifying systems, motion-sensor lids, and even touch screen sensors. Japan is where most of these advanced toilets come from. These creations started making noise in Japan back in the 1980s. It was only in the last decade when they started making waves in the United States.

Some of the most notable brands that produce these high-tech toilets include Toto, Kohler, Coco, and BioBidet. When it comes to the cool features, the Washlet B100 from Toto is compatible for most elongated toilets. A simple touch of a button will prompt the nozzle to extend from under the toilet seat. The nozzle, in turn, shoots warm water that you can use for cleaning up. Moreover, you can even control the direction of the nozzle, depending on your desired position. A lot of Rancho Santa Fe homes for sale on the market today include these high-tech toilets as an added home feature.

How much?


When it comes to the pricing, expect the high-tech toilets to cost way more than the flush-and-done variants. Generally, you will have to pay somewhere between $500 to $1500.

The top honchos of Toto in the United States noted that the sales of their high-tech toilets remained strong despite the recent economic turmoil in the country. “It’s not necessarily that expensive,” said David Krakoff, Toto U.S. senior vice president. “It’s something special you can do in your house, and it doesn’t break the bank but it does make you feel really good about your project. It’s the kind of thing you’ll show your friends – which you can’t say about a run-of-the-mill toilet, he added.”

Key advantages

There is no doubt that these high-tech toilets offer numerous benefits. First, you don’t need to really get “dirty” just to get yourself cleaned. All you need to do is to push a couple of buttons and let the toilet do the cleaning.

And then there is the comfort these toilets seats provide. You can control their temperature and have them warm especially during winter.

“We as Americans are supposed to have the best technology and the best hygiene in the world,” said John Kang, Coco Bidets vice president. “But the dirtiest part of our body is not getting cleaned properly. Think of it this way: If you got mud on your arm, you’re not (going to) clean it with just a paper towel. You’re going to use water,” he furthered.

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