Here’s How You Can Glam Up Your Guest Bedroom

Do you regularly have guests stay over? Yes, you could get away with a blasé guest bedroom that will leave no impression on your guests. But if you host people ever so often, why wouldn’t you want a guest bedroom that screams comfort and style?

You’re not wrong to assume that decorating your guest room can be an expensive affair. But that’s not necessary, you can most definitely do a budget makeover! A keen eye for detail and a couple of smart decor ideas are all you need for a visually cohesive room.

If you are an absolute novice in interior decor, this post will act as your guide. So put on your overalls and let’s get to work.

Comfort Is Chic

A good night’s sleep is the foremost thing your guests expect when they’re staying over. While you can’t control your neighbour from mowing the lawn at the crack of dawn, you can purchase plush bedding to make up for it.
Comfort Is Chic

Get 100% cotton sheets, soft duvets and fluffy pillows for the ultimate cosy bed.

Get Statement Pieces

Even if funky decor is not your taste, you can still elevate the space with some statement pieces. A designer headboard or a set of refurbished bedside tables can instantly make any space stylish. Don’t shy from a striking decor item.

Headboard Interiors offers a collection of stunning, luxurious upholstered headboards.

Cosy It Up

Natural light is great, but not when you’re trying to fall asleep. You can either install blackout shades, heavy drapes or simply place eye masks so that your guests can sleep peacefully.

Make It Fresh

Add a lovely touch with fresh flowers and indoor plants. This is a small, inexpensive detail that your guests will highly appreciate.
Make It Fresh
If flowers or plants seem too high-maintenance, get an aroma oil diffuser.

Offer Some Entertainment

It’s pouring outside and your guests had to cancel their plans. Now what? Equipping your guest room with some form of entertainment is an excellent idea. You can either install a television or create a small reading nook with engrossing books and magazines. There’s nothing better than winding down with a good book and a cup of tea.

Make Closet Space

No one likes digging through their overflowing suitcases while getting dressed. If your guest room has a closet, empty it out and make some space for your guests. In case it doesn’t have a closet, you can purchase an inexpensive clothing rack.

Thoughtful Touches

Thoughtfulness is something your guests will always remember. For starters, you can arrange a welcome tray with some snacks, water bottles, hand sanitizer and WiFi password. The room should have extra blankets, towels and bathrobes. You can also place soap, shampoo and other essential toiletries in the bathroom.

Add bedside lights

Add bedside lights
Your guests aren’t familiar with the layout of your house, especially if they’re coming over for the first time. Save them from stubbing their toes at night by adding bedside tables or nightlights.

Set Up a Desk

If your space allows it, you can create a small workspace or a vanity area. All you need is a desk, a chair and a table lamp.

Don’t forget a mirror

Your guests will be grateful for a mirror in the room. If you have enough space, take it up a notch with a full-length mirror.

Put Up Art

Art is a foolproof way to add character to any room. You can create a print wall or hang up a fabulous piece of artwork.
Put Up Art

Get It All In Order

You don’t want your guests to struggle with anything. Add to their convenience by organizing everything in an accessible manner. For instance, place all remote controls on a tray and label them so that your guests can easily find what they need.

Having guests over can be so much fun and should never feel like a chore. These easy tips will ensure your guests thoroughly enjoy their stay.

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