5 Signs of a Bad Roofing Job

All homes will need to undergo renovation after years of use. Wear and tear are common. When you have your home renovated, it is acceptable to only expect the best workmanship from the contractors that you will hire — that is the reason you hire professionals. However, it is also possible for you to fall victim to companies with inexperienced people working on the job.

Take for instance the incident that happened in Kansas City. A roofing company based in the city tore off the roof of the wrong house. The miscommunication left the family living in their exposed home for two months as the roofing company blamed the contractor for the error. They were supposed to remove the shingles from a house about a block away.

Home renovation can be stressful, so you must arm yourself with the proper knowledge to detect bad jobs early on. Here are the signs of a bad roofing job that you must look out for so you can have it repaired while the contractor is still working in your home:

Absent Drip Edge Flashing

Absent Drip Edge Flashing

Contractors must install drip edge flashing material at the edges of your roof. This material is necessary for preventing potential water damage. It is also your home’s protection against pest infestation that commonly begins in the attic. Most of the time, homeowners are clueless about this, and they would only realize it when they experience leaks and moisture issues.

Uneven Roofing Appearance

When people start their home renovation, they rarely check the roofing. Their main concern is if there is a leak. If there is no leak, there is no issue. However, this should not be the case. Your roofing must have a uniform appearance. Sagging roof lines can cause leaks later on.

Wrong Nailing Techniques

One sign of a bad roofing job is improper nailing techniques, particularly in shingle roofing. Some of the common problems in shingle nailing include:

Overdriven Nails

When nails are too deep into the shingles, there is a high tendency for water seepage.

Improper Nailing Locations

Improper Nailing Locations
Improper nailing location is one of the common issues with roof nailing, particularly from inexperienced roofers. Nails in the wrong areas can also cause leaks.

Rusting Nails

Roofing contractors must only use corrosion-resistant nails. Rusting nails can let in a gallon of water in just one hour of heavy rain — something you would not want in your newly renovated home.

Installing Old Flashing Material

During the planning stage of your renovation, it is best to have your roofing checked whether you need to have it repaired or if it’s best to install a completely new roof. City Seamless Roofing estimates a new roof to range from $5,000 to $25,000 based on the size of your house. A repair can cost $650, with a two-year warranty. New shingle roofing, on the other hand, comes with a 50-year warranty.
When you hire a roofing contractor, make sure that they will use new flashing material because roof flashing can only be used once.

Rotting Roof Decking

Rotting Roof Decking
Water leaks in a home can result in rotting roof decking. When you replace your roof, ensure that your contractor removes the entire existing structure before adding new material to replace it. By completely tearing off all roofing materials, contractors can check for rotted roof decking. Rotted plywood will not be able to hold nails and shingles in place, and this can cause your roof to break sooner.

In most home renovations, the roofing is often the last consideration. Frequently, homeowners only think of their roofing when they suffer from leaks. As a general rule, you should check your roofing twice a year to catch any issues before they become larger problems.

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