Here’s How to Tell If You Need a New AC


Every year the summers are getting hotter and the winters colder, due to Global Warming affecting our climate. Because of climate change, many places now have summer temperatures exceedingly high and extremely uncomfortable, in some places the temperatures are dangerous. In these countries, air conditioning is a necessity of daily life, if AC units are not regularly maintained they are likely to break and many problems will result.

It’s Stopped Blowing Cold Air

If your air conditioning unit is no longer blowing cool air this is a clear indication that there is a problem, maybe a leaky refrigerant or even a bad capacitor. If you find yourself in this situation you need to contact professional AC companies for AC repair. Their professionals will be able to tell you the problem and what needs to be done to repair it, or if you need a new AC installation.

Your AC Is Making Weird Noises

It’s natural for your air conditioner to make noise when it runs. But if it’s grinding, rattling, or banging during normal operation, you need to have a professional air conditioning service. Strange noises usually mean parts inside the unit are broken or out of place. If the damage is severe enough, it could mean you’ll be contacting AC companies for a new AC unit.


Your Energy Bills Are Sky-High

Older, inefficient AC models cause high energy bills. Another cause of high energy bills is a broken AC unit. If your bills are consistently higher compared to past bills, then the cause is likely to be a broken AC unit. Contact an expert AC company and arrange for a new AC installation. The newer models are very efficient and you will see the change in your energy bills, almost immediately. A new AC unit also gives the benefit of lasting longer, being reliable, and saving you money in repair bills.

The System Is Old

The lifetime of AC units is dependent upon a multitude of factors: its current age, if it is regularly maintained, and if it is used daily. On average, quality AC units last between 15 and 20 years, if your AC unit falls in this age range, you should consider investing in a new unit.

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