15 Big Indoor Plants that Make a Statement


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When you typically large indoor decorations you might not always think about plants, but there are many larger than life plants that can truly turn your house into a jungle.

In this article we will cover 5 of our favorite large indoor plants that are sure to turn heads and be a big statement piece in your home.

1: Indian Rubber Tree, Ficus elastica

Although typically sold in small 4 inch pots at the local nursery or even your local big-box hardware store, F. elastica can become a truly monstrous plant. After all, it is a tree. Indian rubber trees can grow to up to 130 feet in the wild! In the home, your tree will with time grow as large and tall as you wish. These trees tend not to branch much in the home, but if you desire branches you can clip the apical meristem of the plant to encourage side shoots.

Indian rubber trees come in a variety of colors and varieties from deep dark green to pearly white variegation.  My two personal favorite varieties are “Tineke” and “Ruby”.

2: Pothos, Epipremnum aureum 

I bet you did not expect to see this name on the list. Although typically grown as a vining plant, some pothos varieties can grow truly giant leaves if given the opportunity, and if you are lucky, you can even get fenestration! Just make sure to follow a pothos care guide so you know how to treat the plant properly.

Epipremnum aureum can be convinced to grow larger leaves by mimicking an indoor tree trunk. To do this, you can use a moss poll or similar device which allows the pothos to root in and become supported. Once the plant is rooted, all you need to do is wait and eventually the plant will completely cover the pole. You can make your pole as wide or tall as you desire and a pothos will cover it all.

Indoor Plants 2

3: Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia sp.

A classic botanical beauty, the Bird of Paradise flowers are phenomenal examples of tropical foliage plants. If you are lucky enough to get a flower, you will be in awe any time you pas by. Even when it is not flowering, members of the Strelitzia genus have impressive leaves that can tower over 5 feet tall and may dwarf any other plant you have in your possession. These plants are some of the most light hungry of the plants on this list, so a grow light and window exposure is a wise choice if you decide this majestic plant is for you. 

4: Swiss cheese plant, Monstera deliciosa 

An absolute classic houseplant, the Swiss cheese plant will grow impressively tall with little work, but if you want an even larger plant then you can pole the plant like you would a pothos. Given enough time, light, and nutrients the Swiss cheese plant will grow massive leaves multiple feet across and will turn your room into an oasis. 

5: Dracaena pethera/Sansevieria kirkii

Recently, snake plants were changed to the genus Dracaena, but they were previously known as Sansevieria. We have provided both names just so you know what to look out for. Snake plants are a classic houseplant for a reason: they are easy showstoppers. One of the largest species, S. kirikii can grow to 2 feet wide and over 6 feet tall, and the best part? They are just as easy as their smaller cousins. The thick leaves of this snake plant are sure to be quite a sight in your home wherever you put it, as long you have enough room! Make sure you give these plants plenty of light and nutrients to make sure they reach their full potential and you are sure to have a lovely new décor plant.

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