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Here’s How to Do a Bathroom Makeover on a Budget in New Orleans

Here’s How to Do a Bathroom Makeover on a Budget in New Orleans

For many New Orleans homeowners, remodeling their bathroom is an important goal. Plus, the fact that the bathroom is also considered one of the rooms in the house that can make or break a home sale while the house is on the market.

But a lot of complexity is packed into a bathroom makeover. As a result, the price tag will easily get out of control.

In fact, the cost of remodeling a bathroom continues to rise according to the Houzz & Home survey for 2019. But it does not have to cost an arm and a leg to make your bathroom over. With proper planning and a little imagination, you can totally transform your bathroom without breaking your budget.

Read on for tips.

Cover the bathroom walls with wallpaper


Wallpaper is easy to fix and gives anywhere that wow factor. It can conceal blemished walls; and it can reflect light back into the room if you use a metallic wallpaper.

Best of all, because it’s so practical and appealingly gorgeous, you can update it yearly.

However, if you’ve fallen for a wallpaper that’s a little too pricey for the entire space, use it sparingly, maybe on a feature wall or at a vantage place.

Replace the Vanity

The vanity and sink area are another focal point of every bathroom and it’s also a place that can look dated easily as styles go out of trend.

It’s a popular option to upgrade from one single to double vanity, but that change can easily take your project beyond your budget.

Explore your options that can mean simply replacing what you have with a more modern-looking vanity to avoid major changes in plumbing that may drive up the cost of your project.

Also, you can breathe some new life into the vanity area by replacing the mirror for an even less costly project.

Reduce your spending on tiles

Tile is costly, particularly when you’re hiring a contractor to set it out for you.

Limit the amount of tile to save money and focus on high impact areas such as where you walk on instead of the walls and floor within the shower room.

If you have your heart set on tile that is artistic and expensive, use it alongside a cheaper tile as an accent.

Not only will the decorative tiles become more visible, but by using just a few here and there, you’ll save a lot of money.

Replace the bath or shower


Changing out your old-school bath and replacing it with a sleek, freestanding soaker tub is an expensive project involving a lot of extra work, so if you don’t have such a budget, you can easily go the cheaper route by refacing your bath.

But if you have a bit to spare after cutting expenses elsewhere, splurging on a bath or shower may be what your bathroom needs to look special.

A shower with a frameless screen looks sleek and new. You can squeeze one into your layout positioned near your existing bath and use the same floor space. The trick is to avoid doing it yourself and instead go for a professional frameless glass panel installation in NOLA or wherever your location is.

Update fixtures and fittings

For a relatively small investment, you can update the sink faucets, drawers, towel racks and light fixtures.

These items may seem trivial, but updating them can make a big difference in the look of your bathroom.

Bear in mind that you do not necessarily have to buy towel racks at a home improvement store. You can also repurpose old plumbing for the towel racks and give a really cool, industrial look to your bathroom.

Go green


Do not forget to makeover with the environment in mind when upgrading your bathroom.

Not only will low-flow toilets, showerheads and sinks help you conserve water, but they will also save you money.

However, showerheads and faucets which are water-saving often cost the same, if not less, than conventional ones. Therefore, you are not necessarily spending to save here.

Buying goods which are recycled or repurposed is also beneficial for the environment. As well as browsing the web for upcycled updates, look for ideas and do them yourself. For example, turning mason canning jars into soap dispensers is relatively easy and is something you can do in your spare time.

Wrapping up.

You may not be moving into a new house anytime soon, so making over where you are now is a really good choice, and where better to start than in one of the most important rooms in the house?

Hopefully, the ideas in this article has shown you how easy it is to give your bathroom a new look and feel without wrecking the bank.

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