Helpful Tips on How to Hire an Arborist

The default thing you would do when you are stuck with a problem is open Google or YouTube and type your query. For example, if you type “how to perform tree pruning” or “tree pruning went wrong,” you will be loaded with videos, images and so on. Some videos may even show what not to do or have amateurs doing the procedure causing injury to themselves. While the video may look funny, it is also important to learn the lesson – never do this work until you are certified to do it. Hire an arborist with experience in tree services Sydney to enjoy maximum satisfaction.

Who Are Arborists?

Who Are Arborists

Arborists are specialized in tree work. They are professionals and make sure your trees are properly cared for. Well-maintained trees give a good first impression of your property while poorly maintained trees could prove to be disastrous in many ways.

They are not called as specialists just like that. They need to pass a comprehensive examination to get the certification. Certified arborists also have different levels to clear, because they always have to be updated about latest arboriculture methods, plant infestations, diseases, and treatment.

Before hiring an individual arborist or a tree care company, shortlist a few. While shortlisting, check for their certifications, insurance, and whether they use best practices for pruning, planting, and other tree works. Ask them the following questions

Do They Have Full Insurance And Latest Certification?

Field Experience
It is important to check whether the person or company you are hiring is fully insured. Tree care can be dangerous work, and you have to make sure the company carries liability insurance and owns up in case of any injury or damage to property. Also, while dealing with downed trees entangled with live wires, the person who is on the job is under high risk. For situations like this, there is another type of insurance known as Workplace Safety Insurance (WSIB) that protects worker(s) who are on the tree care job. An indicator of an ethical and caring employer is that they would take care of their employees as well as they would take care of their clients. Such a business owner will have the WSIB coverage.

Do They Have The Necessary Field Experience?

To know whether an arborist has the relevant experience, start with questions like “Since how many years are you practicing tree care?” and “How did you learn your skills?” and then go on to asking more specific and detailed questions as below –
“When and from where did you get your certifications and training including the last training?”

Few Things to Keep In Mind

It is not necessary that if someone offers a tree service, they will be using the best practices. A good company will always keep its employees updated on the latest and evolving methods and practices.

The arborist you hire should have a considerable amount of experience to do the job. It’s a skillful task especially to remove trees without causing any damage to other properties. Further, pruning and planting new ones is a creative and laborious task which only an experienced professional should do.

If a tree is removed, it’s gone forever and a person visiting next day may not even know about the presence of a tree there. But pruning is not the same. If it is not done properly, the results show up and more so to the experienced eyes. It takes a lot many years of effort and skills to be adept at pruning.

Check for the arborist’s prior experiences. If the arborist you are planning to hire has done the same work in multiple reputed companies before, the chances are that he is professional and near perfect in his work and knows the process inside out. However, a person who has neither done any apprenticeship nor has any solid experience may not have very good skills to handle all the tree works.

o, always keep these important things in mind and ensure that you always do your research before giving someone the go-ahead to enter your property and offer tree services. They should have the experience and knowledge, or else you will end up finding yourself in serious trouble.

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