Healthy Snacks That You and Your Kids Need For Your Next Road Trip

There really is nothing like a good long road trip with the kids and family. Sure, flying is convenient and great, but there really is nothing that will garner lifetime memories like an ever-lasting road trip. Driving from state to state, cranking up the tunes, playing some road games and staying in exotic hotels along the way, what could be better? Of course, there are going to be those times when the boredom kicks in. For some people this turns into unhealthy snacking. Since you are cooped up in the car and aren’t getting much exercise, it will be more important than ever to make sure that you and your kids are snacking the healthy way.

Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits And Vegetables

If you and your kids like to snack when the boredom kicks in there will be nothing better than fruits and vegetables. You can easily fill a bag with some cauliflower and goes miles snacking on the stuff. Of course, any fruit or vegetable will be suitable for your needs, but you probably want to stick with something that isn’t so messy. You probably don’t want the kids feasting on a bunch of sticking and juicy peaches in the back of the car. It also helps to avoid anything that bruises easily.


When is comes to food or parenting there really is nothing like good protein. Most road trip snacks are usually filled with unhealthy carbs that just bloat and make you even hungrier in the process. That’s why the key to good road trip snacking is quality protein. Yogurt is great if you look for versions that don’t contain a ton of sugar. Jerky is even another good alternative if you look for the versions that aren’t filled with additives. Almonds are excellent and you will have a number of flavors to choose from. Cheese also makes for an excellent protein source.

Using the best food processor for nut butter is a great way to make delicious foods high in protein.

Get Your Fill Of Sweets

It will be incredibly hard to make it through an entire road trip without something a little sweet. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to stop at every gas station along the way and pick up a candy bar or ice cream. There are some fairly healthy sweet out there that will satisfy that sweet tooth. Whole grain dry cereal is sweet and can keep those cravings at bay. Another excellent option is chocolate covered fruits or nuts. Animal crackers are another great alternative. There are even tons of organic fruit snacks available at the market. If you have the time you can even opt to make your own homemade healthy snacks like scones or whole grain muffins.


Of course, you can’t go stuffing your face with all those healthy foods without having something to wash it down with. Water will probably be the most obvious go-to solution for healthy drinking, but it doesn’t have to be the only option. There are other fun drinks available that are healthy. Coconut water is a good way to put a fun spin on the traditional H20. Coconut water is also excellent for curing headaches, which might be something that you get when spending long amounts of time in the car or driving. Juice boxes are excellent for the kids. They are fun for the kids and taste great. Just look for the brands that don’t use tons of sugar or artificial flavors.

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