Hardwood Flooring Tips to Know Before Installation

Most homeowners prefer hardwood flooring, thanks to its durability. What’s more? Hardwood flooring is attractive and comes in many appealing colors and shades. However, it is costly, and you don’t want to make mistakes during installation. There are various aspects to consider before installing hardwood flooring, and this ensures that your flooring blends in well with your décor. 

Why use hardwood flooring in your home improvement project?

Installing hardwood flooring in your home will save you a lot of money. How is this possible? It can last for years and requires minimal maintenance. Moreover, hardwood flooring is easy to clean. It’s elegant and will significantly raise the value of your home. For excellent results, check out https://www.junckershardwood.com/wood-flooring, and learn about the different types of wooden floors that you can install in your home.

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That’s not all, though! Wooden flooring is an excellent choice for anyone who cares about their health. And I believe we all do! If you’re allergic or have loved ones suffering from allergies, wooden flooring will come in handy. Since it’s easy to clean, you can easily prevent dirt, pet dander, and allergens from accumulating on your floor.

Lastly, you can achieve the desired look in your home with hardwood flooring. With the hundreds of colors and shades available, wooden flooring is undoubtedly the perfect home décor upgrade choice for all.

Here’s what to know before installing hardwood flooring

1. Choose what’s right for your rooms.

The rooms in your home serve different purposes. What you choose for the hallway should be different from what you pick for the bedroom. And this is because the level of traffic varies from one room to the other. For instance, installing walnut flooring for the hallway doesn’t make sense. You expect a lot of traffic here and should go for harder hardwoods like oak or hickory. 

On the other hand, wood choices like cherry and black walnut are softer and are ideal for low traffic areas. For the bathrooms, basements, and other humid areas, you need a different flooring altogether. To avoid costly blunders, consult your contractor, and they will guide you in determining the right hardwood flooring for all the interior spaces.

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2. Factory finished flooring works best!

You can pick unfinished flooring, stain, and seal it after installation. You can as well go for factory finishes hardwood flooring. However, factory finished flooring offers excellent results. It lasts longer than the on-site finished flooring and tends to be more uniformed and even.

3. Acclimate your wood before installation

Adjust the planks to the room’s temperature and humidity levels before installation. Not doing this causes cracks and buckles, and this ruins the look of your home. Keep the wood planks in your rooms for about one week before installation. Expose all the sides of the planks during the acclimation period.

Final thoughts

Hardwood flooring is a lovely way of upgrading the look of your home. Acquire the flooring from accredited manufacturers or dealers, and choose a color shade that blends well with your existing décor. Moreover, go through the manufacturer’s guide and follow the cleaning instructions.

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