Gynaecologist Singapore: 4 Reasons Why Every Woman should Visit a Certified OB/GYN


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Do you feel shy or uncomfortable visiting a gynaecologist? Well, just know you’re not alone. Many women cringe at the thought of undressing in front of a total stranger. Leave alone, letting the stranger examine their vaginas.

However, it is for your benefit, and if you are yet to start the routine yearly visits, your general practitioner will at some point in life advice that you book an appointment with a certified gynaecologist. Singapore is endowed with OB/GYNs who are the best at what they do so most; certainly, the GP may also recommend that you visit a Singapore-based, women’s health clinic.

Why is Going to the Gynaecologist Important?

It is natural to be concerned about what a gynaecologist checks a female for, that your family doctor can’t do. Now, the answer lies in their specialities. Your family practitioner may only specialize in specific types of diseases that can afflict any member of the family.

On the other hand, gynaecologists specialize in female health. They can, therefore help you manage most conditions that affect the female organs. 

They can also help you deal with pregnancy and childbirth-related issues, fertility and menstruation issues and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) issues as well. When choosing a gynaecologist in Singapore, though, you should find a board-certified one.

Here are four fundamental reasons why you should visit a certified women’s health specialist.

  • Contraception Counselling

There is a wide variety of family planning options that choosing the right one that suits your needs may be an uphill task. Besides, there is also a risk of choosing contraception that may only expose you to health issues you never thought of.

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For instance, hormonal birth control pills may not be advisable for you if you have a history of blood clots or you have blood clots. Besides, the intrauterine device (IUD) or intrauterine system (IUS) may also not be recommendable if you’re only avoiding pregnancy for a few months. But for longer prevention, the effectiveness of non-hormonal IUDs may be perfect for you.

Talking with your gynaecologist about your contraception preferences and medical history will make it easy for you to find ideal contraception that won’t come with any complications in the long run. It will also help you avoid fatalities that may come with using the wrong birth control pills.

  • Preventive Care

It is not easy to know what’s right for you when you’re not trained on choosing what is right at what time. Besides, most diseases that affect the reproductive organs, for example, cervical cancer won’t reveal any symptom until it has progressed and it is hard to treat.

By visiting a gynaecologist, they may recommend specific tests, for example, Pap smear if they’re concerned about cervical cancer. They may also recommend HPV tests if they think you could be at risk of suffering the disease, so appropriate preventive measures are put in place.

  • Understanding how the Normal Female Reproductive System Works

When it comes to female health, there are times when vaginal discharges are normal, and there are times when what you think is an ‘odour’ isn’t really a cause of concern. However, it is almost impossible to determine these things on your own, and that’s why a visit to a certified gynaecologist in Singapore is important.

They will quickly sense when a vaginal discharge is indicative of an underlying health issue and recommend further tests to determine the real cause. They will also quickly sense when a body odour could be a red flag and recommend practical ways of dealing with it or further tests to deal with the cause.

By helping you understand how a healthy female reproductive system works, you will get the peace of mind that is hard to achieve when you’re troubled. This would be vital in lifting your spirits if the occurrences had affected your self-esteem in the past.

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  • After Sex Checkups

It is not realistic to visit a gynaecologist in Singapore every time you have sex, but it is advisable, especially if you suspect that you could have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease. During the visit, they will advise you on the practical ways you can take care of yourself in case you got a disease and practical ways you can keep yourself safe from such diseases in future.

Now, if you visit a gynaecologist for sexually transmitted disease concerns, you should expect a pelvic exam depending on the STD your doctor is concerned with. You should also expect the doctor to take swabs, blood or urine samples. 

You may also need to understand that the location that your doctor will take the swabs may also depend on an STD and how you had sexual intercourse. For example, if they’re testing for syphilis, they may take thorax swabs if you had oral sex or anal swabs if you had anal sex. It would help if you answered all the questions accurately for a quick and accurate diagnosis.

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