Great Things to Do at The Minnesota State Fair

If you’re planning to visit Minnesota anytime soon, schedule your trip from August 23 to September 2 this year. These are the dates when the Minnesota State Fair is celebrated. This event is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area which is participated by almost two million people every year.

The popularity of this fair should be reason enough for you to participate. If you’re not convinced, let this article change your mind. For your next trip to the Minnesota State Fair, don’t forget to try out the following activities:

1. Dairy Goodness Bar Ice Cream

Your trip to the Minnesota State Fair won’t be complete unless you try out all the food stalls in the area. You can use the Minnesota State Fair Bingo to check where to eat but trying out deserts at the Dairy Goodness Bar Ice Cream is a great way to start your trip. Situated in the Dairy Building (where else, right?), this is the perfect spot if you’re craving for cold deserts such as sundaes and malts!
Dairy Goodness Bar Ice Cream

2. Giant Slide

Slides are probably one of the most popular attractions you can experience in every fair – and the Minnesota State Fair isn’t an exemption. If you visit this fair soon, you’ll be able to enjoy and reminisce the childhood feeling of gliding down a giant slide. And no, this slide isn’t just for the kids – even young adults and older folks can enjoy this tradition.

3. Ye Old Mill

The Minnesota State Fair has been operating since 1859, making it one of the oldest fairs celebrated in the world. If you’re planning to join the celebration, get ready to pay for rides which have stood the test of time. Start by boarding a boat and floating through Ye Old Mill. This ride is considered a staple in the fair and has been operating for several decades already.

4. Great Big Wheel

Whenever you hear the word “fair,” for sure, pictures of Ferris Wheels will immediately come to mind. For many, Ferris Wheels are one of the most basic rides which should be present in every fair. Riding the tallest Ferris Wheels in North America are just one of the things you can cross off from your bucket list once you visit the Minnesota State Fair.

5. Milk Run 5K Race

Milk Run 5K Race
For the health-conscious individuals, eating in different food stalls, and enjoying rides aren’t their cup of tea. More often than not, these people will look for activities which can help them sweat. If you share the same sentiment, head out to the Milk Run 5K race and join over 1,500 runners. This is a great activity which can help you burn some calories, mingle with the locals, and enjoy the Minnesota State Fair in a different way.

6. SkyGlider or Skyride

The Minnesota State Fair is a big event which is participated by thousands of people from all around the world. If you don’t want to strain yourself from walking too much, try out the SkyGlider or Skyride at the fair. As the name suggests, these rides will give you a bird’s eye view of the fair, without the need to walk from one spot to another. These rides are suitable, especially if you’re planning to travel with kids or seniors.

7. Space Tower

Does height keep your blood pumping? Do you enjoy being on top and seeing views in heights? If you answered “yes” to these questions, visiting the Space Tower at the Minnesota State Fair should be on top of your to-do list. This attraction offers a 360-degree view of the Twin Cities while being on top of a building.

8. Daily Parade

Daily Parade
Going through different attractions at the Minnesota State Fair can be tiring. This is especially true if you’re traveling with kids who can’t wait to try out all the rides at the fair. To top off the experience and finally rest, prepare yourselves in watching the daily parade at 2 PM. This parade features different high school bands, animals and floats from the locals.

Cherish The Memories

Now you know how fun the Minnesota State Fair can be, start packing your trip as soon as possible. Regardless of the activities that you want to try out, don’t forget to capture memorable moments by taking pictures. Pictures will be a great way to reminisce all the enjoyment you had at this great event!

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