10 Glass Balustrade Ideas For Your Home That Could Be Worth It


Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrades have become increasingly more common in homes. This has been driven by the various benefits that they can offer, with many of these spanning beyond just aesthetics. Plus, maintaining glass balustrades is not that hard. While there can be a wealth of designs available, many people may become overwhelmed by the choice.

Though some of this is driven by an excess of options, some people may wonder whether certain designs are worth it. The cost will be a large factor in this, although the value that you’re getting will also play a role. Glass balustrades Brisbane WoodGlassGroup can offer a variety of designs, with each of these providing an excellent value for money.

There are a few designs that stand out, each of which you might want to consider for your home.

Decorative Glass

When many people think of glass balustrades, they automatically envision plain glass. This doesn’t have to be the case, as you could choose a decorative glass option. There are a few varieties here, such as tinted and frosted glass.
Decorative Glass
These can also be designed in a mix-and-match way, such as having a small section frosted for added contrast. The sky’s the limit here.

Frameless Balustrade

If you want a simple and minimalistic design, then a frameless balustrade could be a wise choice. This offers an unobstructed look that isn’t hampered by any handrails or other fittings. Going this route adds a modern and clean look that can fit in with any home’s interior.

Add A Curve

Not all glass balustrades have to be straight. Instead, you can add a curve to the design to meet your needs. If you’ve got a curved staircase, or balcony, then you can enhance the look with this option. Naturally, this is mainly an option for stairs that already have a curve, but it’s a choice if you’re considering renovations.

Top Mounted

There are various ways to install a glass balustrade, with top mounting being one of the more common. This provides a large amount of security while being relatively inexpensive. There is the drawback of the option taking up a notable amount of space, however.
Top Mounted

Side Mounted

If you’re adding a railing, then side mounting your glass railings can be a wise choice. While this is a somewhat more expensive option than top mounting, it does offer much more security. They’re also much more durable and long-lasting.

Add Some Contrast

If you’re installing a large amount of glass balustrades, then you might want to break it up a little bit. One of the easiest ways to do so is by adding contrast. This can easily be done with handrails and other fittings made out of different materials; stainless steel and wood are great choices.

Colored Glass

While tinted and frosted glass can be options, so too can colored glass. The possibilities here are virtually endless, so if you can dream it, you should be able to have it designed. Much of this can be driven by personal preference and the room itself.

Mezzanine Balconies

Mezzanine Balconies
Glass balustrades don’t have to be limited to your stairs. Instead, you could use them to create mezzanine balconies. These provide a significant amount of security without taking away from the look of a room. It also means that the room will seem much more open, which can be another benefit.

Indoor Swimming Pool Fencing

If you’ve got an indoor swimming pool, then glass balustrades can be a great way to close it off. This can provide a significant amount of safety if you have young children running around without closing off the pool itself. Adding in a handrail and some other features can help to improve its aesthetics.

If there’s some sun shining on the pool through the windows, then the glass balustrades can provide an extra bit of glimmer during the day.

Extend The Glass

When many people think of glass balustrades, they may keep it relatively simple. This typically means that they’re limited in how much space they’ll use with the designs. By extending the glass beyond the balustrades, however, you could enhance the overall look of the piece.
This could be improved by adding frosted or tinted glass, as mentioned above. After all, contrast can add a variety of visually appealing features.

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