Getting Back Your Security Deposit

It is common for people to think that they can no longer get back the security deposit they paid when they moved to a rental home. However, that is not entirely true, as you can still regain your deposit. Never forget the fact that the deposit is still your money, so you should be able to get it back when you decide to move to another house. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that will help you get back your security deposit.

Plan when you move in – one of the first things you need to do is to start planning the moment you move into the home you are renting. This means taking the necessary precautions as you move in to minimize the hassle and problems when you move out. Go for removable hooks and poster putties when hanging your stuff to avoid getting charged for damaged walls. Wall damage can be expensive to repair especially in a North Shore Chicago property.

Be organized – another important thing to keep in mind is to stay organized. Be mindful of all the documents that you signed and/or received when you moved in and read them again carefully. Go through all the details and keep them all together in a safe place.

Document everything – the key is to document everything so that you will be protected. Take a photo, or better yet a video of the home or unit before you move in to document its condition. That way, when you leave, you can show them that you have kept the property in great condition. This will come in very handy in the event that your landlord refuses to give back your deposit and charges you for damages that you did not really cause. A trusted North Shore Chicago real estate agent should be able to give you tips on how to minimize home damage.

In addition, you should also keep a record of each and every time that you contacted the landlord or property manager for assistance when it comes to repairs and maintenance in the property. Course everything via email so that you can track things easily.
Notify your landlord early – in the event that you are planning to move out anytime soon, make sure that you contact your landlord early. This will make things easier as you move out and will give you enough leeway to work on your security deposit.

Keep everything clean – if you wish to get your security deposit back, make sure that you keep the property clean. This means not only doing your regular sweeping and wiping, but this may also entail the use of vacuums and a deeper level of cleaning using special cleaning materials.

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