Get the Most Comfortable Quilt for You

Research has revealed that only a third of Australians get adequate sleep every night, and a mere one in seven Australians sleep the whole night regularly. There are many reasons why you may not sleep the night through, but the most obvious one could be your quilt cover. 

Maybe it’s too heavy for your comfort or too hot that you must keep turning to cool off. Your quilt cover might also be itchy, making it difficult to sleep throughout the night.

Purchasing a new quilt cover might be what you require to solve your sleep problems. A new quilt cover not only adds value to the aesthetics of your bedroom it also makes you enjoy your beds comfort as you unwind and relax after a long day.

Bambury Quilts are stitched with the best quality materials that are gentle and comfortable. They offer some of the best quilt covers in Australia, and have a wide variety of fabrics and styles for you to choose from. 

As you prepare to get that new set of quilt cover, here are tips to help you.

1. Make sure you choose the right size

The appropriate size for your duvet cover gives a magnificent look to your bed. If the quilt cover does not correctly fit your bed, it affects the quality of your sleep. An oversize quilt makes your bed appear swallowed up, while an undersized quilt will not cover you, or your bed and bedding adequately.

Quilt Covers1

2. Get high-quality fabrics

Good quality quilts are not just excellent for your sleep; they are long-lasting and easy to maintain. Bambury covers are made with high-quality fabrics giving a variety from which to choose. Ideally, cotton cover quilts make a perfect choice. They provide a unique combination of durability and comfort.

3. Choose the right colours for your room

Bambury Quilts is a fantastic choice if you desire a bright and airy bedroom. They will brighten your room with purple and several other shades to bring colour to your bedroom. Their quilts are available in different colours that you can use to match your colour scheme. To choose the right quilt colour, Bambury will delight you.

4. Choose the right pattern and texture.

Your quilt cover should match your bedroom, and it some instances your bedding can act as the centre-piece that ties the rest of the room together. If you’re after a minimal style, you’ll prefer a simple texture and single colour option. You might prefer earthy tones, with additional texturing that make your quilt a statement piece.

Either way, your bedding should follow a single colour palette and fit into the bedrooms overall style.

Quilt Covers2

5. Cleaning

Many buyers are more concerned with getting an excellent quilt that suits their taste and forget that their quilt covers will require cleaning. When choosing a duvet, ensure it’s easy to clean and maintain.


Bambury duvets come in different sizes, styles and fabrics. Choosing a quilt, throws and cushions that suit your style and personality will give your room a stylish look. Make sure it’s easy to clean, matches your room, and is made of high quality fabrics.

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