Get Ready Now for DP-300 Azure Certification Exam Easily

Our world is advancing with every new day and the technology is also progressing with it. Therefore keeping up with the updates of computers is also very dominant. There are many essential segments of the computing world and getting certified in them increases your net worth and opens the path of many opportunities for you to be successful in the field of computer. This certification is new and advanced therefore the exam is only conducted in English language.

Nature of the exam

 Which has just been introduced. Administrating relational base of data on Microsoft azure. It gives vague information on database structure for cloud, hybrid-relational databases and on-premise data bases which are for Microsoft. The certification exam allows the ability of a person to be enhanced in the sector of administering databases.

Requirements for the exam

There is no essential to have a certain high qualification for the Microsoft DP-300 certification exam but the respected candidates should fulfil the requirements before signing up for the exam they should have information and experience in a specific field for giving the certification exam. Students need to specify all the topics included in the exam and get authentic sources for the preparation. There are several domains that are covered in the exam. Each domain covers some sub topics and has its prominence. The following are the domains

DP-300 Azure certification exam2

Domains of the exam and their value

  1.       (15 percent to 20 percent): this is known as the monitoring and optimization of operational resources.
  2.     (05 percent to 10 percent): optimization of query in performance
  3.       (10 percent to 15 percent): this one is called performing automation of the tasks
  4.       (15 percent to 20 percent): fourth one is about the performing and implementation of high availability and   disaster recovery for the environment                                                                                                                
  5.       (10 percent to 15 percent): the performing administration through the use of T-SQL

Basic information about exam:

A candidate should have basic information regarding the DP-300 certification exam. About all the domains, the sub topics that are included in the domains and what is the value of each domain in the exam. The information gives them clarity.  Candidates can easily get information from Certsland. The candidates should make sure that they are preparing from an authentic source which is reliable and dependable for giving the best material for preparation. They can get training from professionals of Microsoft Azure online preparation courses can give a better outcome as the preparation of performance based questions is done very thoroughly. Official Microsoft documentation can be one of the best preparation sources.


Practicing is very important:

Practicing is the most essential part of preparation for exams. The candidates must practice the hand-on labs and take practice preparation exams. They have sample questions and help in recognizing the mistakes. Practice also helps in managing time so that the exam is completed in the given time, it also helps in getting rid of exam anxiety.


Participation is very important for your preparation and is very advantageous. Participation in study groups online and communities help in increasing your exposure and you get a chance to interact with already certified professionals and experts.

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