How To Get Your Child’s Room Christmas Ready

You’ve already gone far beyond the limits of last year. The garden is decorated. The bathroom is decorated. Tinsel is meandering down the balustrade and there is mistletoe under every doorway – and it’s not even December yet. And, despite all of this, the youngster’s room has somehow remained unaffected, as if it is somehow off-limits. Not anymore. In fact, decorating the rooms of children (with the child’s permission of course!) is an increasingly popular activity. Here’s what we think every child’s room should have this Christmas.

A personalised tree

Long gone are the days when the house only had the one tree. Now there’s practically one in every major room. But your child’s tree will be special. It will be their tree, and they’ll decorate it their own way. This means taking the backseat and not inhibiting their creativity. In the end, it should take a lofty and important position in the room so you can both reflect on it as something you achieved together.

An advent calendar feature wall

Yes, you read that correctly, and it doesn’t have to be difficult or irreversible. A simple wall transfer of a Christmassy image, such as a tree, can have number pouches creatively ‘hung’ (stuck) to it. Leave little chocolates inside each pouch or clues to inspire an Easter-egg style hunt if you have slightly bigger gifts. It’ll also help to prolong the excitement throughout December.

Christmas cards

Like you stick yours to the kitchen cabinet doors, likewise, you should help your child adorn theirs on either the cupboard or inner doors of the bedroom. This is especially easy in primary school, as every pupil tends to write cards to each other. If you don’t have enough to fill the door, write your own, or just put up unwritten ones. It’ll still look great.

A festive colour scheme

This isn’t as hard as it sounds. The largest changes can be accomplished with new, matching, bed sheets, duvets, pillowcases, and a large rug. The tree and the decorations can then be suited accordingly to the desired colour scheme. Small tweaks that make big differences can involve something as simple as changing a lampshade, or the curtains to match the new theme. Our personal favourite Christmas colour-combination? Red, white, and green.

Some Christmas attire

Children have the most fun when they actively take part in something. Give them the opportunity to dress up as their favourite Christmas character and join in with them. ‘Costumes’ like these can inexpensively be purchased from most low-value retail stores, so there’s no reason not to try it for a little fun, even if it’s only for the one afternoon. When they’re not in use, they can be used as decorations.

A little planning ahead

A Christmas overhaul will give you the circumstances to scrutinise the house in ways you may have overlooked previously. If, after all the decorating is complete, you feel your child’s room is ready for a more permanent design, then start where it matters most – with a new bed. The Children’s Bed Shop has a varied selection to accommodate any vision that you have in mind, and together with the youngster, you’ll be able to start the reimagining process all over again.

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