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White Living Room Interior Design

There is big house with hundreds of square meter floor area yet you are not awed when you enter it. And there is another house whose floor area is only half the big house; the “wow factor” is magnanimous. The difference is in the interior design which is the way to alter the aesthetic appeal of a house. If you want to show off your personality and Shuttercraft style in your house, make use of well-designed plan for its interior.

Most houses look the same when bare; they have the same layouts because they are merely floors and walls. Imagine changing colors and materials of some parts; you create a big transformation. Take it into further interior distinction by putting in furniture, fixtures and accessories that depict your personality. You will have a house that reflects your own style.

Exclusivity of Interior Design Concepts

If you are looking for the best interior home fashions, Maison HAND offers an interior design team to help you show off your personality and style vis-a-vis your abode. The interior home designers will cater to your needs and will visualize how you want the home interior to look like. Concepts are drawn to come up with the dreamt completion.

Dark finishes and modern interiors

a very small studio apartment in france

dark kitchen cabinets with white appliances

Great Sofa Interior Design

multiple mirrors on one wall

Tiny And Stylish Apartment

Bedroom Decor ideas By Maison HAND

French Interior Design By Maison HAND

Black Interior Design Ideas Dramatic French Kitchen In Dark Shades

La Feline Blanche Bedroom Interior

Small Bed In Living Area

Whit Bed With Beautiful Lamp

The starting point would be a look on the color scheme of the walls, tiles, flooring, ceiling and carpet. Maison HAND’s Pierre Emmanuel, Stephanie and Tifanie will create for you a cozy atmosphere that had been their trademark in interior design.

Boutique Hotel Bedroom La Féline Blanche Saint Gervais les Bains

French Living Room Interior Design

Opt for Furniture With Interesting Shapes and Lines

modern classic French furnishings bedroom

Small, White and Bright tiny studio in Lyon

White Small Living Room Inspiration

Beautiful apartment in gray designed by Maison hand

Brilliant Idea For Small Space Use in Home Decor

French Modern Interior Design

modern french rug

stainless steel island, ceramic floor, painted brick.

dark walls with blue sofa interior

Iconic furniture and fixture brands will constitute the unique contents of the home’s interior. For every piece in the home, there is a specific designer. For instance, Paola Navone designs the Casamilano furniture while your sofas will be created by Verzelloni. Kasthall carpets and Louis Polsen lighting will surprise anyone who comes inside of your house. Maison furniture and fixtures have exclusivity of design such that you will not find identical items in other shops.

More other furniture, fixtures and home accessories can be found in Maison HAND. What the company prides of is the transformed look throughfurniture and interior design. What used to be your dream is now concrete reality.

White Sofa Interior

Amazing lamp chandelier in Bedroom

Elegance White, Gray and Blak Interior

la feline blanche Bar

Dark living Room Interior Design

skylight in living room

Vintage and Trendy Lamp

Black Shade Bathroom Design

French Interior Design The Beautiful Parisian Style

La Feline Blanche Hotel Interior Design By Maison HAND

Small Bedroom space in living room design

White Living Room Interior Design

Black&White and gray interior design in Lyon

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