Make Your Floor Stylish By Choosing Right Carpet Design {5 Tips}


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Hard floor surfaces may be trending in the interior design for many years now, but soft-touching carpeting will never go out of style. As a matter of fact, each season, contemporary interior designers give a green light to the carpets because they complement the hard flooring perfectly and add a dash of comfort to every room. Keep reading to see what’s trendy in carpet design this fall.

Modern Interpretations of Traditional Rugs

Carpet weaving was an essential part of Persian art and culture. This specific type of carpet stood the test of time and kept its popularity even in 2016. Traditionally, they are made of heavy textile with elaborate colors and artistic details. Famous rug designer Hossein Rezvani presented the 21st century Persian carpets made of wool and silk in neutral colors with modern copper tonality as a contrast. It’s a modern upgrade of a traditional rug with revised patterns and high-quality knot-work.

traditional rugs for living roomVidal Living Room Interior Design By Terracotta Design Build

decorating rugs living room traditional mosaic tile fireplaceTraditional Family Time By A. L Interiors Design Studio

Mother Nature as an Inspiration

High-quality synthetic fibers are a great option for making carpet design, but designers decided to give a chance to natural materials as well. Besides soft wool and smooth silk, rattan and coconut fibers are also a big hit this season. It’s always a good idea to get some carpet fitters in to do the job for you! As for colors, neutral tones, such as beige and gray are timeless classics, but the trend of white carpets is emerging, too. Due to today’s technologies, fibers are cleanable, so light shades for carpets are no longer a big risk. Furthermore, white on white looks very elegant and makes any room look more spacious. Bright colors are a great option, too – especially for the hallways and other small areas, where you can experiment without it being too overwhelming.

synthetic fibers carpet design ideasFibers Within Your Rug Design By Couristan

walk in closet synthetic natural fiber look carpet designWalk In Closet Natural Look Carpet Design Project By Urrutia Design

It’s All About Patterns

Stripes, geometrical, Polka Dots – you name it because patterns are always current. Colorful, geometric patterns will look marvelous on floor rugs for kids while more subtle motifs on the so-called “new neutrals” (pastel shades of green, blue, and yellow) make the perfect choice for any room. A cut and loop style was very fashionable in the 70s and made a great comeback in the last few seasons. It’s a special technique that combines looping fibers with straight ones and makes a geometric or abstract design. Besides, Berber style is trendy again but now with even more texture and pattern.

pink sofa polka dot rugPink Sofa & Polka Dot Rug Via Pinterest

floor rugs for nurseryFloor Rugs For Nursery Photography By Kuda Photography

Bring the Landscapes Inside

When we said Mother Nature served as an inspiration, it didn’t end with colors and materials – it’s seen on carpet prints as well. For the season 2016/2017 designers presented winter and frosts-inspired rugs. With mild colors merging into each other and dramatic movement, this print makes a perfect addition to your bedroom or living room since it can give that airy, yet monumental feeling to any space. Natural scenery and soothing landscapes combined with tasteful colors are also among the hottest trends in home decor, so make sure you check out those as well if you consider purchasing a new rug.

Rugs for Bedrooms with Varied StyleBeds in Front of Windows By Summer Thornton Design

transitional master bedroom design Layered rugsTransitional Master Bedroom By Rill Architects

Greening Things up on Your Floor

Nowadays, everything seems to be green and carpeting is not an exception. Besides the usage of natural materials, designers and manufacturers took a step further and presented ecological rugs hand-braided of excess materials coming from the clothing industry. It’s not only green and sustainable but also trendy and very stylish. In addition, the production doesn’t require machines nor large spaces and can be a great example of social entrepreneurship. Eco-friendly, socially responsible, and stylish – what more could we ask for?

green carpet interior designGrey Couch With Green Carpet Via Pinterest

Green Carpet Design in Eclectic Living RoomCustom Designed Millwork & Furniture By Mabbott Seidel

Carpets are a great way of styling and personalizing any room so don’t take them for granted. Now that you know what’s hot for the season, reconsider your interior design and imagine what a new carpet design would do to your living room. It’s amazing how one thing can change the vibe of the whole room, so go ahead – find your favorite style and make the most out of it.

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