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Pool maintenance isn’t as hard as you might have initially anticipated. But the exhausting part is that you have to regularly follow the routine, or your Orange County pools will turn into a colossal dirty mess. Sometimes you are tired from work, or just not feeling well to do the task yourself but skipping isn’t a choice. Why don’t you just call the professionals and let them handle everything — from something simple as skimming to tricky tasks like replacing the filters. Not to forget, they also offer services like water testing, chemical balancing, and shock treatments. To make sure you hire the experts, we have rounded up some important points that you must keep in mind.

What Services Are Available?

Before you start looking, you must be aware of available services, which depend on the time and season. Here are a few services that you can find for your Orange County pools maintenance:

  • Checking the chemical balance
  • Green water treatment
  • Filter replacement
  • Skimming the pool debris
  • Installation of safety features
  • Cleaning the pool
  • Removal of pungent odors
  • Adding and removing covers

They are available all-round the year, except for winter. If you have a thermal swimming pool you will have to look hard for the winter services.

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How to Find the Best Service for Orange County Pools?

1. Look for Experience

Pool maintenance isn’t something that is learned overnight. It takes years to perfect. That is why you choose the service that has been long enough in the industry and has enough experience for your project. They will know how to execute the best possible strategy for your Orange County pools maintenance.

On the other hand, inexperienced or newer companies may not be as good as the old and reputable ones. Therefore, it will be wise to go with the company having not only a good reputation but also years of experience.

2. Do A Thorough Research

To find the best possible contractor for your Orange County pools, you have to do your homework before hitting the market. Going in all blank will just be a huge waste of time. Make a list of available contractors in your area that provide the service that you are looking for.

After that, slim down the list only to the most suitable options. The Internet usually highlights the top-ranked companies itself, making things easier. You can also find tons of information regarding the companies’ background, which can help you decide which one is the most reliable.

3. Ask Around

Ask people you trust for recommendations. Leave out messages to your friends, family, and neighbors who own swimming pools and ask them which service they have been using. If they had a satisfactory experience, it is better that you choose an already-tried option. But find out the personal preferences of your recommenders. Who knows if they are entirely different than what you want? And their assessment may not include your priorities. For instance, some people prioritize cheap prices over quality, which isn’t a healthy option. Therefore, do your homework before you sign a contract with any of the recommended businesses.

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4. Avoid Brands That Overcharge for The Chemicals

Most maintenance services rely on a flat rate cost, which means that you will be charged with a fixed price no matter how much chemical is utilized every month. It isn’t a feasible option and you may end up overpaying for the chemical that you haven’t even used.

Not all brands offer such pricing. Some also charge according to the chemical amount used each time. This seems better, especially when you don’t use your Orange County pools often.

One thing that you also need to remember is that check the chemical pricing each time you hire someone. That is because sometimes the pricing fluctuates, and fraudulent companies take advantage of this.

5. Get Recommendations from Referrals

Ask your company to give you the contacts of previous customers. By asking them directly, or physically assessing the past work, you will know if you want to proceed or not. Or, you can check the online review portion to find out what people have to say about the services.

Beware of the fake reviews as they are quite prevalent. If the reviews seem scripted or exaggerated, don’t trust them, it might be a trap. In that case, you have to rely on referrals only.

6. Always Ask For The License

It doesn’t matter if the company has a good reputation in the market. If it doesn’t have a valid license, we will recommend rejecting such options immedicably. Hiring them would be risky for your Orange County pools.

Unlicensed companies are notorious for their unprofessionalism. You may never know if their team has the right expertise to pull off such as huge project without damaging your property. Plus, make sure the contract includes the damage recovery of your property to paly safe.

Some fraudulent contractors renew their license to get rid of the bad record. Therefore, don’t forget to take into account the years they have been in the service.

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7. Quality of Their Customer Service

It is crucial that you are able to communicate with the contractor, allowing the company to find out what you really want. Remember a reliable business will always be backed up by high-quality customer service.

Do a little survey before finalizing your decision about the company’s customer service. If it isn’t flexible or customer-centric, then you may face trouble during the execution. Choose the company that treats its customer lie trophies and go out of the way to solve their problems.

8. Available of Long-Term and One-Time Service

The choice depends on how frequently your Orange County pools get dirty. For heavy usage, long-term services are a better choice. But if you don’t have many pool parties, a one-time service will be enough and cheaper for you. A good brand will give you both options, allowing you to choose according to the situation and your budget. Another thing that you must consider is what the services cover. For example, the long-term service should have a few routine checks to ensure the quality of the water and the performance of the pool equipment.

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