7 Tips For A Warm, Cozy, And Inviting Bedroom During Winter


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So, you’ve got some new pyjamas and a whole new set of loungewear and are getting ready to bed down for the winter in your orthotic slippers? But, what else can you do to make your bedroom nice and cosy? Here are some tips.

1. Floor Rug

Laying a rug on your wooden floors can help make your bedroom feel cozy. It works by insulating the room and provide excellent sound absorption. If your bedroom echoes when you walk or are talking, then a thick rug will have the same sound dampening effects of a carpet.

A cold floor is never something pleasing for your feet to encounter in the morning when you get out of bed. By placing a large area rug that reaches under the bed, you will have enough ground cover that makes the floor feel warm and inviting under your feet. But if you want them feeling extra toasty, they consider investing in RugBuddy. It works like an electric mattress blanket; therefore, you will wake up to a nice and warm feeling when you step on the floors during those chilly winter mornings.

2. Winter Duvet

A thick, comfy duvet will be something your relish, especially during the cold winter nights. You should pack away the thin summer duvet and switch to something toasty. It would be best if you went for a duvet with a Tog rating of 10.5 to 13.5 for your autumn and winter months. Note that the higher the Tog rating, the warmer the duvet.

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Keep in mind that you will have two categories of duvet filling to consider – natural and synthetic. None is significantly better than the other; hence, the choice often boils down to personal preference. You can pick a Microfiber Synthetic Duvet from Marks & Spencer with a Tog rating of 13.5 that could serve you for years. The Fine Bedding Company has an Eco Duvet designed for the nature conservation enthusiasts. The Eco Duvet is made from plastic waste using renewable energy, and it is as warm as it is comfy.

3. Electric Blanket

Have you ever slept covered with an electric blanket? If you have not, you are missing out on a unique experience. It is one of those things that will be the first thing to come in mind during the winter months. You will plug it in, switch it on, and have it running for roughly fifteen minutes for you to find the bed nice and toasty.

You can set the blanket to run all night long and avoid keeping the HVAC on, thus reducing your utility bill since the electric blanket is a more energy-efficient option. Argos has the Silentnight Winter Nights Heated UnderBlanket that can be an excellent upgrade for this cold season. Spread it on your bed, tie it down with cables, and spread the sheets over the electric blanket. You will wonder how you have been living without one and will not think of going without it ever again.

4. Bedding

Comfort is paramount when it comes to beddings, meaning what you get must be soft and comfy. You might have to spend a bit more for you to find what you need. Nevertheless, you can find something great at a bargain. Asda and Primark are some of the best places for getting cost-effective, quality bedding.

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Similarly, IKEA has some quality bed frames, pillows, and duvets. Consider getting the standard European sized bed and pillows if you want something bigger for your bedroom. Strive to find what will be a perfect fit for your bedroom. It might not be easy, but you should figure out what you need while considering your preferences. For instance, you can find 100% cotton DVALA Quilt Cover with 2 Pillow Cases going for a little as $17. That is a steal, especially when what you are getting is bedding made from 100% cotton, which is the highly recommended material for bedding.

5. Mattress Topper

People will invest in expensive mattresses expecting that their investment will serve them for many years, as the manufacturers claimed. However, that is not always the case. Some mattresses soon start feeling uncomfortable. If you are among the unfortunate few to experience this, you should consider trying a mattress topper from Comfortable Creatures Australia.

The topper is more of a mini mattress for your bed and can be made from different materials and varied thicknesses. You can find an array of mattress toppers at Argo from various brands. With the mattress topper, you will have a cost-effective way of prolonging your mattress’ life.

6. Blankets

No bedroom is entirely complete without a few blankets. They can keep you warm during the winter nights, especially when draped across a duvet. Alterative, you can wrap yourself up in one when lounging on the sofa watching the latest series or movies on Netflix.


When winter coming knocking, pack away the thinner blankets and bring out the thick and heavy ones. Wilko has some fantastic choices that include Throws. Dull colors will be an excellent choice. You can buy a soft grey throw with faux fur print. It will look fabulous when draped over white bedding. If you have lots of blankets, roll them up and toss them into that basket at your bedside. You will have them on hand to spread them over your bed when you need to change the look.

7. Candles

Check out HomeSense if you are a sucker for good candles. They have a wide selection, and you will not miss something interesting to add to your bedroom. The allure of candlelight comes from its warm ambiance that is very inviting. The Danes swear by candles in the bedroom, and with good reason, they create the perfect setting for winding down as you look forward to a restful slumber.

Scented candles can be such a treat during winter nights. Go for fresh fragrances like balsam or fir blended with a dark woody aroma for that cozy feel. WonderWick is one of the top candle brands worth considering for your selection of scented candles. They have candles that produce a crackling sound when burning like that of a blazing fireplace. They will be an excellent addition for creating that warm and comfy feel when snuggled up in bed.

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