Excellent Reasons to Use Knee Pillows


Use Knee Pillows

Many people believe pillows are to support your head when relaxing or sleeping. However, they serve other purposes as well. For example, you can position a pillow below the waist to support your spine. Moreover, you can place them between knees to help you enjoy better sleep and relieve pain.

Positioning a pillow between the knees is critical, mostly when a side sleeper to increase your comfort. People suffering from back pains and pregnant women also need pillows as they prevent knees from rubbing on each other, improving your sleeping posture and spine alignment. 

Below are the benefits of knee pillows.

Help Maintain Spinal Alignment to Side Sleepers

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If a side sleeper, you commonly find yourself knocking knees together at night. While you might feel comfortable, the position strains sensitive pressure points of shoulders and hips. Consequently, it would help if you had extra support and comfort with a Knee Pillow. As you age, herniated discs and disc degeneration is a significant risk. The pillows offer better alignment to your spine if you develop either, relieving pain to help you recover and sleep.

Besides, side sleeping without a knee pillow can cause a shift on your hips. Aligning knees maintains the natural posture reducing pressure on joints. Also, when you have breathing conditions like sleep apnea, with the knee pillow to align your spine, your airways remain open, helping you breathe easier.

Great for Pregnant Women

Often pregnant women have problems when they prefer sleeping on the stomach or back. A baby bump makes some sleeping positions impossible, and among the best options is side sleeping. Since a pregnant woman’s body is under stress during the day, proper support at night is vital to stimulate and promote blood circulation in the lower body. 

Knee pillows keep legs and hips aligned with the body as you sleep, making it easier for muscles to relax. It allows the body to rest and grow as needed during the night than straining. However, when pregnant, be selective on your pillow shape. For instance, X shapes are best for baby bumps.

Eliminates Knee and Back Pains

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Commonly when sleeping on one side, knees rub on each other making your legs suffer friction. When you place a knee pillow between knees, it acts as a buffer, preventing contact. Although you can decide to avoid leg contact, you might not notice when your body turns while asleep. Therefore, it is best to use knee pillows.

As you sleep on your back, a pillow underneath the lower back reduces strain on the spine to prevent back pain. Such pains can be due to sciatica that radiates along the sciatic nerve down your legs. When diagnosed with the condition, the pillows help you sleep comfortably as you visit the doctor for treatment.

With a good night’s sleep, you wake up re-energized and refreshed, boosting your mood as you prepare for the day’s tasks. A memory Knee Pillow keeps you comfortable at night as the dense memory foam adapts to your lower body shape, supporting your legs and knees.

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