Essential Digital Marketing Strategies for Interior Designers

The amount that our world relies on the internet is no longer shocking. Nearly every member of society interacts with the online world in some form, whether it is by scrolling through social media, watching television shows or movies on streaming services, or using search engines to find products or services. With so many of the world’s consumers utilizing the internet every day, businesses need to as well.

That includes interior designers. While clients may have once turned to magazines and books to glean inspiration for designing their spaces, they now primarily look for inspiration on the internet. Customers also now tend to pull up a search engine to look for a designer to hire rather than picking up a phone book. For an interior design business to successfully find and keep new clients, it needs to appear in searches for design inspiration as well as searches for designers for hire.

Strategic digital marketing can help a business, small or large, achieve both of those goals. Let’s take a look at how you can successfully cater the average digital marketing strategy to your interior design business.

Create an Effective Website

The first point of contact between your business and potential customers is your website. If that website is not built in a way that attracts your target audience, you will be missing out on an essential marketing opportunity. With an effective website, consumers can learn about your brand, the services you provide, and who you are as a designer.
Create an Effective Website

The average internet user only stays on a web page for 10 to 20 seconds, making it important that your website makes a positive impact on them right away. As a designer, the look and usability of your website is going to make even more of an impression on potential clients than usual. If your website isn’t well-designed, visitors may doubt your interior design skills. By working with a professional website designer, you can create a sleek and modern site that effectively communicates your brand.

Utilize Photos and Videos

Having visual media on a website is recommended for practically every business, but it is even more important for designers. You should have your portfolio of work easily accessible on your website. This is the best way to communicate your abilities and show off your skills to potential customers. Videos are another great way to display your interior design work. While photos only show a portion of your design, a video can showcase an entire room, office, or even home. Videos also tend to rank well in search engine results, helping your website appear to more searchers.

While you need to have these visual elements on your website, social media is another platform that can effectively display photos and videos. Whether you use Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you can create free accounts that engage and attract your audience. When using these platforms, remember to make sure your content is attractive and attention-grabbing to users scrolling through your social media. As people often use their mobile devices to look at social media, make sure it is laid out well for users on smartphones as well as computers.

Boost Your SEO

Short for Search Engine Optimization, SEO is among the most effective tactics to improve your brand’s visibility on the internet. SEO involves certain strategies that optimize your website through keywords and meta tags. Content on your website, both on the front-end and the back-end, is a key element of SEO because that is the information search engines crawl.
Boost Your SEO
SEO also involves optimizing your presence off of your website, including social media platforms and listing websites. As you build up your presence on offsite platforms, your website can gain more domain authority. Search engines, especially Google, tend to rank websites with more domain authority higher on the results page. As SEO can be tricky to get right, it is often best to work with an SEO professional to optimize your site as effectively as possible.

If you run your own interior design business, you need to market that business correctly. Implement these digital marketing tips and you may be able to attract more customers while creating a broader awareness of your unique business.

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