Equipment You Need for the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen


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An outdoor kitchen is a great investment, especially if you love cooking and inviting guests. In addition, you get to move more comfortably as it’s spacious, and you feel more relaxed because of the view outdoors. So, if you are planning to build one on your property or already have one you wish to upgrade, below are the must-haves for the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

Griller or smoker

What’s an outdoor kitchen without barbeque equipment? A griller is one of the must-haves. Whether grilling meat, fish, or sausages, there’s no way it would not turn out great with a griller. If you don’t have an open-air kitchen, invest in a grill hood for proper ventilation. Add a smoker to complement your griller if you want a smokier barbeque taste. 

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Outdoor oven

If you love pizza and want the authentic taste of one baked in a wood oven, you don’t have to go to an Italian restaurant because you can make it at home with the right outdoor oven. Go for outdoor wood fired ovens to achieve that distinct taste. A custom-built one will ensure that it matches your theme or the look you want. After all, the ultimate outdoor kitchen is not only fully-equipped but looks eye-catching too. A good design improves the mood, as you enjoy cooking, eating, and hanging out more. If you want the flexibility of using wood and gas, some outdoor ovens offer that. 


Cooking eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, and flatbreads is a breeze with a griddle on your side. It’s your go-to equipment for your morning fill. Most griddles are made from cast iron, but there are also non-stick options if you don’t want the trouble of cleaning food that sticks to it. 


Although you may already have a fridge inside the house, an outdoor refrigerator is still something you want to get. It’s more convenient, as you don’t have to go back and forth to get the ingredients that you need. Moreover, you can use this to chill your wine, other drinks, and desserts.  

Ice maker

While you can chill drinks in the fridge, some are best consumed with ice. So, why not add an ice maker to the list? Plus, you can use it when blanching and cooling food faster to avoid contamination. 

Side burner

This is classic equipment that should never go missing in an outdoor kitchen. You can use this for all your cooking needs, from boiling to frying. Plus, it can be a backup to your griller if you have plenty to grill. 


A well-equipped outdoor kitchen has everything from the cooking pots and pans to the knives and eating utensils. But you want everything to be organised and neat, so you need enough storage for that. 

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A clean outdoor kitchen is pleasing. Having a sink will let you wash dirty dishes immediately and keep the space sanitary. It’s also useful for washing fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients. 

Besides the equipment listed, consider the furniture and decor you will use to get the ultimate outdoor kitchen you dream of.

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