Effective Tips for Picking Eco-Friendly Furniture for Your Home

Some of you are obsessed stylish and advanced furniture, whereas some of you do not care much about the same. You might be that one person that pours over website to give you some idea on the types of furniture that you want, but you still might be struggling to make a decision. Accept it, a piece of good furniture indeed enhances the overall look of the room or space. Whether that is a piece of furniture from antiques world or your local charity shop, the demand for furniture has increased for decoration purpose as well as for showing the lavishing lifestyle. There is a huge market of designers, sellers, and buyers.

Whether you know it or not, one of the most popular trends is all about eco-friendly furniture. Also known as green furniture, it is the best way to turn your chemical-based furniture into green or say eco-friendly furniture. If you need to know how to pick such furniture, go for below-given tips:

1. Products Made From Certified Sustainable Woods

No matter how a piece of furniture is made, from plastic, cloth, wood or metal, you can always find an eco-friendly option for the same. You know that the world needs more trees and less of deforestation. Trees are the base of the healthy earth as they are home to several birds, insects, animals and other plants. Most people aren’t aware of the fantastic furniture options, with items like garden benches, made from recycled plastic! They last a long time and look amazing!

You might not want to mess with woods but, there are sustainable wood options for your furniture. Any piece of furniture made from sustainably harvested tree farms reclaimed woods, or sustainably harvested forests is an excellent option.

Sustainable Woods

FSC – Forest Stewardship Council can provide you standard certification for sustainably harvested wood. There are stores and sites that provide such green furniture. You can also use Hayneedle Coupons to find best deals on home furniture that would be eco-friendly as well as absolutely affordable.

2. Bamboo Items

Bamboo Items
Bamboo might look like a tree but, it is not. It belongs to a family of grass. Bamboo represents a type of grass that reach in size from tiny to tall. The colors also vary from lime green to maroon stripes. It is unbelievably quickly growing and versatile. Thus it has become an informal poster material for environmental designers as well as the builders.

Bamboo encompasses some specific qualities. Os, it can be compressed to a flat flooring level or molded into a piece of furniture; it can be pressed into veneers or can be sliced up to make window blinds. You can just build a whole house with bamboo.

It is fast growing and much easier to maintain for healthy forests. It uses a lot of water but, and harvesting too quick can consume soil fertility. Bamboo furniture can prove to be an excellent choice for outdoor or garden furniture.

3. Go for Recyclable and Flexible Products

Possibly the most convenient way of finding the right set of eco-friendly furniture. The basic aspect of any such furniture would let you recycle, assemble & disassemble, and repair a product. So, when the product is useless, it can be recycled into something new.

A flexible or folding chair and table can be kept aside when not in use. Furniture like this is great space savers as you can take it apart, fold the parts and keep it aside dissembled. Also, it can be assembled and useful when you need it.

Flexible Products

You better look for the product certified as C2C – Cradle 2 Cradle. Also, avoid products that are ‘monstrous hybrids’ which can be difficult to recycle appropriately and cannot be taken apart. Go for durable and flexible furniture that lasts longer and also helps you to save a few bucks.

4. Get Low-toxicity Furniture and avert Flame Retardants

You see the furniture is made of wood but, that’s not it. There are several other material and chemicals used in the entire procedure. From cutting the wood to giving the final touch of color or varnishing, some of the chemicals are not good to be around you.

When you bring a set of furniture to your home, place it somewhere in the room, it does not just sit there. Some chemicals react to the environment and in the surroundings, they are placed into. It tends to release a particular type of substance in the air which is known as offgassing. Such synthetic material is toxic for the fresh air entering your home, causing birth defects, breathing problems and cancer.

Be alert about what kind of chemical you are bringing home. Be extra careful when you have pets and kids in the house that are prone to be more on the ground and around the objects.

Low-toxicity Furniture

Another crucial thing is about avoiding flame retardant furniture. The reason is much closer to what you just read above. The only difference is, they do not offgass like other chemicals as they are made of powders.

Know that these flame retardants are not as useful as they are said to be. However, the industry has to run and thus, the marketing goes on. Fire risk has drastically changed across the nation. Better you avert flame retardants in your furniture as they release toxic chemicals when the furniture actually burns and it burns as quickly as it meant to be.

It is a fact that eco-friendly furniture is expensive but, you can always go for Couponobox.com. Get promotional codes or coupons that can help you to buy green furniture at the most simplified rates. In the end, it is essential for you to know that the furniture you are buying is not just going to be the part of the home but also the part of your home. Choosing it wisely is important for you and your family member as well as for the earth environment.

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