Eco-Friendly Options for The Exterior of Your New Home

Having a green home is becoming more affordable. Renovating or updating your home doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. You don’t have to observe the strictest requirements.

You can still add value to your home and save the planet. With the rising sea levels and fickle weather, the best way is to start small. Here are some eco-friendly practices you can adopt to ensure a greener lifestyle.

Use Eco-friendly Materials to Decorate Play Areas

Play is essential for the growth and development of your children. It helps children develop their creativity and social skills. Guiding your children towards becoming eco-friendly can be overwhelming.

It is essential to educate them on the importance and their impact on the environment. Doing modifications to ensure play areas are eco-friendly can seem expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The trick is making small changes and making simple steps. Do not copy others and try to do everything at once.

Recycling and reusing are ways to reduce these costs. Recycled rubber tires can be used as a safer alternative. They provide a safe place to land during play. Leftover wood from other projects can be used to create a beautiful playhouse. Using this wood helps spare cutting down trees. The following are reasons why educating children about recycling is important:

  • Children get the opportunity to be creative and still have fun
  • Children have the opportunity to make their own games and toys
  • They’re encouraged to use their imagination
  • They get the sense of achievement
  • It’s a learning opportunity since children get to ask questions
  • They understand their connection to the environment and why it is important

Consider including pets to the outdoor play environments. Here are the reasons why having pets is important:

  • Children have the responsibility to feed and clean. They practice to be caregivers “parent play”.
  • Pets aid in helping the child exercise
  • Children learn about lifecycles
  • Promotes communication and empathy
  • Pets provide company and help relieve stress
  • Siblings develop a bond as they care for a family pet

Use Solar


Solar panels should be a priority on your list. They are a great investment in your home. Solar energy is the ideal source of low-cost and clean energy. They don’t use water to produce energy nor release harmful gases to the environment. The following are advantages of using solar energy:

  • They use less water. The only water need is to clean the solar panels.
  • Help in reducing air pollution. The air we breathe affects our health and wellbeing.
  • Using the sun to generate power means less emission of poisonous gases.
  • Slow the process of climate change.
  • Reduce reliance on fossil fuel. Thus, the low cost of energy and reduced emission of greenhouse gas.

Do an energy audit to ensure the system is the right size. An extensive system can be a waste of money.

Build Smaller

The smaller the house, the smaller impact it has on the environment. A small place is better for the environment than a large one. Using creative design principles, you can still have your dream house.

Options for smaller housing are becoming more popular both in urban and rural areas. You’re likely to reduce the maintenance costs with smaller houses. Therefore, ensure you’re thinking about how you’ll use the space when building.

Green Roofing

Ensure much thought is put into the roofing material used. Talk to roofing experts to get information about what products to use. Good roofing products hold heat for less time and cool fast. If you find roofing contractors in Erlanger, KY, they can advise you on which is the best roof depending on your financial ability.

You can get good roofing contractors through referrals by friends, relatives, or a real estate agent. Roofing materials made from recycled tires have grown in popularity. They are durable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.


These roofs are resistant to cracking and deformation. The material is thick hence provides insulation to sound and heat. Aluminum trihydrate added during treatment makes the roofing resistant to fire. Additionally, it performs well in the snow and rain

Environmentally Friendly

The manufacturing process is simple, thus less pollution to the environment. Again, this allows old tires to get new use instead of being disposed of. Additionally, compared to other ruffing options like cedar and asphalt as it is cost-effective.

Use Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture


When choosing your outdoor future, there is a lot to consider. Some of the factors are the size, material, style, and price. Great outdoor furniture helps move your indoors outside. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the right furniture.

When choosing outdoor furniture, it is vital to ensure the materials are eco-friendly. Below are the benefits of eco-friendly outdoor furniture. In the event when it is no longer required, the furniture can be recycled and reused.


Eco-friendly furniture is known for its superior durability. Thus, the furniture won’t rot, get mold, rust, or breakdown quickly.

Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions

Eco-friendly furniture is waterproof. Thus, it can help withstand harsh weather conditions such as rains. The furniture is quality and maintains the same appearance even after exposure to daily elements.

Low Maintenance

Little or no maintenance is required. The furniture is resistant to mold and does not attract bugs or insects.



The design ensures they have outstanding safety standards. There are no sharp corners, splinters, or sharp edges. Recycled plastic and aluminum are considered to be the best eco-friendly materials for outdoor furniture. Aluminum is 100% recyclable and is weatherproof hence easy to maintain. Recycled plastic has polyethylene which doesn’t rot, mold, or fade. It is also a solution to plastic waste.

With all the pollution corrupting the world, going eco-friendly might be just what we need. Sustainable green home improvements are healthier for the environment and your body. Eco-friendly products are not only environmentally friendly but also pocket-friendly.

Eco-friendly products are durable that last long without the need to replace them. They are less toxic and reusable. Therefore, protecting both the environment and your health. If we protect our environment, it will protect us.

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