Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom


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Our bathrooms are well-used parts of our home. They are often damp and humid and can quickly start to look grubby and tired. While a thorough weekly clean and good habits can help to keep them clean and well maintained, it’s normal to get bored of your bathroom and want to make some changes to help to keep it fresh and bright. Here’s a look at some of the easiest ways to refresh your bathroom. 

Deep Clean

Week to week, most of us have cleaning routines and ways to do things. We do the same basic cleaning and almost don’t see anything else. But deep cleaning can make a real difference, especially in the bathroom. Pull things out, clean seals, scrub between tiles, and do anything else that you don’t do every week. You might find that your bathroom suddenly looks a lot brighter. 

Add Some Textiles

Adding textiles, such as a rug, drapes or a pile of soft fluffy towels can help your bathroom to feel more soothing and like a home spa

Bring in Houseplants

Many plants thrive in the conditions of our bathrooms. Adding plants can improve the air quality, add texture and depth to the décor and improve your mood. 


Hang Some Artwork

If your bathroom walls are bare, adding some bright artwork can transform the space by adding color and interest. Either a gallery wall with different colors, shapes, and sizes, or a large feature piece can look especially effective. 

Add Decorative Tiles (or Cheat)

If your tiles are plain, swapping some for some decorative and detailed tiles, either on one wall or a particular area, like the first few rows above your tub, can look fantastic. If you don’t have the budget or time to re-tile, stickers can be a budget-friendly alternative. 

Upgrade Your Faucets

Our faucets quickly start to look tired, worn, and boring. Swapping to a larger set of faucets, or choosing a warm color, such as rose gold or copper, can be a great way to refresh your bathroom. 

Hang a New Mirror

A new mirror can add detail, as well as give your bathroom extra functionality. Add a deep framed mirror above your sink, or a full-length standing mirror to an empty corner. 

Call a Plumber

Bathrooms are well-used and get plenty of wear and tear. Whether you need help to fit a new shower or make big repairs, or there are minor issues that are bothering you and making it hard to relax in the tub, calling local plumbers to help is an excellent idea. You should certainly get help from a company like Yoder Plumbing if you are looking to make any more significant changes. 

While your bathroom is a practical and essential space that helps you to practice good hygiene, it should also be a relaxing room in your home — a place where you can enjoy a long soak or soothing shower. A good refresh now and then, even if you don’t make any large changes, can help you to achieve this.

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