Dressing For The Races: Essential Style Tips

Horse racing comes with an expected dress code that attendees enjoy taking part in, with Royal Ascot especially taking the crown as a glamorous event where fashion plays a big part. Horse racing events are typically televised and watched by thousands of people all around the world, so with that much media attention it goes without saying that what people are wearing will play a leading role. If you’re struggling to find ideas for what to wear to a horse racing event, these tips will ensure you show up looking the part for any horse racing event you’re attending throughout the year. So here are some of the best tips for 2019.

Horse Racing – Southwell Racecourse

If you’re heading to an event like the Royal Ascot, then a higher standard of attire is usually expected. Men often wear suits or an elegant pair of trousers with a well-cut blazer and a crisp shirt, while women wear a hat with a stylish and sophisticated dress. Accessories are often the best way to jazz up an otherwise simple but smart outfit, with a good pair of shoes, a hat and a stylish pair of sunglasses. Just don’t show up wearing flip flops or sandals, regardless of how nice the weather might be on the day – this isn’t the place for casual footwear.

For events like the Grand National or Cheltenham Festival, the attire might be slightly more relaxed, but your best bet is still to opt for something relatively smart. A light cotton blazer, a good pair of chinos and loafers are a great bet for guys, while women can opt for a more relaxed version of the hat and dress combination. Always make sure that your shoes are neatly cleaned and polished, and don’t throw on a pair of scruffy trainers or work boots as you will stand out for all the wrong reasons. And as always, look to accessories as a way of adding a smarter touch to your outfit – a flower in a buttonhole, a smart pair of leather shoes, cufflinks and a tie are all great ways for men to smarten up their outfit while still adding a personal touch.

If you want to stand out from the crowds and make the most of the summer weather while you’re watching the races, then don’t be afraid to mix up your patterns and styles. For example, a pinstripe suit or a patterned dress are great ways to add personality to your outfit, or maybe you want to wear a plain shirt with a striped or checked tie. Colours are also a great way of having fun with your outfit while still dressing appropriately, such as a bold coloured shirt, a pastel hat for women or maybe a lightly coloured fabric for linen trousers. Whatever you decide to wear, don’t get too hung up on the details – have fun with your outfit, dress for the weather so you’re not going to be uncomfortable all day and make sure you enjoy the races with your friends and family.

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