Different Termite Types and Areas They Are Found

Termites are a real threat to all homes since they are the most efficient wood-eaters globally. Finding one or two termites on your lawn wouldn’t be a serious threat to your house. However, if you inspect further and find a colony of termites in your space, you should call Greener Grass Organic Lawn & Pest for an inspection. 

Most of their wood-eating destructive work is often silent, and there are no visible signs of attack until it’s too late. It’s useful to know more about their various types of ants and the areas they live, to ensure your home’s safety and longevity.

Dampwood Termites

You can find Dampwood termites in the western states like California, Nevada, or even in Montana. They mainly attack homes with defective insulation. These termites are relatively larger than other species and have a reddish-brown head and torso. They love damp wood, and they eat it by creating tunnels in the moist wooden parts. They don’t live in the ground but migrate to the wooden parts and mostly stay there for as long as there is enough food.

Subterranean Termites

You can expect to find these types of termites everywhere in continental America. They create deep nests in the ground and live in communities that sometimes exceed 2 million individuals. They love moisture and create tunnels that reach the surface to take the necessary water for their survival.

Subterranean termites reach the surface when they want to ease their hunger. They attack wooden parts, especially plywood that is used for home construction. You will know that your home has been attacked by termites when you see some honeycomb-shaped structure on your wooden material. These termites have four different species, but they all look the same and have a noted ability to eat your wooden house from the inside out.

Drywood Termites

People who live in the Southern States like Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana have frequently dealt with Drywood termites. These termites are less vulnerable to dry living conditions. Wood is the primary nutrition source for these ants so they can eat your wooden furniture, floors, and window frames. Drywood termites are the only termite species that have functional wings.

They reproduce quite fast. They also have large mouthparts helping them chew wooden fibers. These termites can also be found in Texas. That’s why residents living in these states spray their homes’ foundations and crawl spaces with pesticides all year round.

Conehead Termites

Conehead termites came to the continental United States through cargo ships. They are originally from the Caribbean islands and have migrated to the southern United States and Florida. They are called coneheads because the shape of their head looks like a cone. They mainly live in trees, So their primary target is wooden surfaces. 

Most of them live in colonies with millions of other insects. The majority of these termites are workers and can build longer and wider tunnels than any other termite species. If you are lucky enough, you can see some of the nests close to your home’s foundations since they build nests close to the surface rather than solely underground. 

Termite 1

Conehead termites are notorious for their greediness and can consume anything that consists of cellulite fast. They prefer paper, furniture, timber, trees, and wooden fences. You can trace their tracks to their nests by following their trail.

Desert Termites

You can only find desert termites in areas where climatic conditions are close to desert climates. Such areas include New Mexico, Arizona, and West Texas. They create big subterranean nests and tunnels where they reproduce and prepare for their raid on wooden parts. Since they are vulnerable to dryness, this type of termite has developed a “cocoon” made from saliva to maintain the optimal amount for working and surviving in dry areas.

Their primary targets are dead trees and old wooden and deserted houses. If you are lucky enough, you can find them in the ground by checking the visible tubes created by their workers.

Formosan Termites

Finally, Formosan termites came to the United States from China and are found in California, Texas, Hawaii, and Mississippi. They can reproduce faster than other species and prefer to live in underground colonies. They have a voracious appetite for new wooden parts and could destroy a wooden home in less than a month if left unattended. 

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