Different Style to Decorate your Window by Beautiful Curtains


Window curtains are certainly charming and it can certainly give a new definition to your house. It will further enhance your property and your rooms will look attractive and beautiful with the help of curtains. To decorate window curtains interior design is quite cheap and effortless and it is indeed quite easy. Windows curtains can have an elegant impact on your property and they can certainly help you in blocking the sunlight. It can also help you in protecting the privacy from outsiders and further keep you in relaxed mode.

The window contains are comparatively available anywhere and at a very cheap price. While buying the curtains, you don’t need to decide on many things. But, you need to make sure that you select the window curtain based on the color of the walls. There are various types of window-curtains available and you can select any one of them based on the choice that you may be having. You can also personalize the window curtains as per the need of yours.

The choice of the window contains depends majorly on you and hence you can select one based on the type, color, fabric and print and patterns of the curtain. They certainly look quite good and it can indeed give your place a new look by providing exquisiteness and at the same time making you feel comfortable. So, let us now move to the ideas that can potentially help you to decorate window curtains interior designs. Based on the ideas, you can select the one as per your need.

Prints & Pattern

When it comes to choosing the prints and pattern of the curtains, then there are a lot of things that you should consider before selecting the ideal window curtain. So, if you are looking to decorate window curtains with various patterns and prints, then here are the lists of options below: –

Roman shades

Roman shades Window Curtains
These types of curtains are quite adjustable and you can easily control the flow of light with the help of these curtains. It is certainly one of the best eco-friendly window treatments and you can mount them inside or outside of your window as per your convenience.

Classic Chic Style

Classic Chic Window Curtains
What kind of classic items adorn your home? These types of curtains are universally popular and they can be used in any given room of the house. They feature a classic and timeless appeal and they can be combined with various design styles.

Patterned Kitchen

Patterned Kitchen Window Curtains
These types of curtains are certainly quite trending and they are being used in the kitchen a lot. Moreover, it gives a serene look that is certainly going to delight your guests. They can be quite useful for decorating your kitchen and they are machine washable.


Check Window Curtains
Check curtains makes a fabulous statement in any given room. It is quite versatile and it is suitable for both traditional and contemporary decors. You can make a great impact at your home and you can hang these curtains quite easily.


Floral Window Curtains
These are one of the best curtains that you can use and it comes with a lovely embroidered pattern which is certainly going to tempt you. It is machine washable and it softly diffuses the light.

Fabric Option

When you are looking to decorate windows curtains for your house, then there are a lot of factors that you need to consider which include the pattern, color, style, length and the fabric. The fabric that you would be selecting would determine how a curtain would hang and drape as well as the coverage, texture, durability as well as the ease of laundering. Explore the curtain fabrics that are available below to determine the window curtain that best suits your decor and needs.


Velvet Window Curtains
Velvet curtains come up with a heavy fabric and it is an ideal window curtain for homes that are having drafty windows. In addition, they drape quite well and they are quite suitable for master bedrooms, formal dining rooms, and traditionally styled living rooms as well. Due to their thickness, the following curtains provide the extra privacy and further help in blocking the light and sound. Do not hesitate to pick blue velvet sofa for your piece of interesting furniture.


Linen Window Curtains
Linen curtains are quite trendy these days and it is indeed quite a common choice among people. These types of curtains are ideally suited for contemporary living room, casual dining area, and airy bedroom. Linen curtains can drape quite easily and this type of fabric allows natural light to come into your room. Linen curtains can be dry cleaned only and you should hang it out immediately so that you can avoid the wrinkling.


Cotton Window Curtains
Curtains that are made using cotton can indeed be a versatile option as they are suitable for both modern as well as traditional decorating styles. The curtains that are made with cotton drape well and they can indeed be a very good option for dining rooms. If you are looking for privacy or if you wish to block the sunlight then it is advised to select the cotton curtains having a tight weave. On the other side, if you want to have an airy feel, light in your room then it is recommended that you sheer cotton curtains.


Lace Window Curtains
Lace curtains come up with sheer fabric which helps to diffuse the natural light as well as you would witness an airy feel. You can use them in your dining room so that you can add a touch of elegance. It can provide you with some privacy while you can still enjoy the sunlight. Lace curtains are available in a lot of shades such as ivory, white and ecru and you can use it with any color scheme. These types of curtains are machine-washable or they can be dry cleaned only.


Polyester Window Curtains
Polyester is a very common type of fabric that is used in curtains as it is quite affordable, durable and sturdy. They are certainly very easy to take care of as it can easily resist shrinking, wrinkling and stretching. This type of fabric is quite suitable for living room or bedroom curtains but you should make sure that you don’t use it in the kitchen because the following kind of material is quite flammable and proper air circulation won’t be allowed.


Silk Window Curtains
Silk curtains are quite heavy in weight and they drape quite well and it is ideally good for bedrooms as well as formal dining rooms thus offering a romantic look. You should keep in mind that silk fabrics can be dry cleaned only and hence it takes a lot of time in terms of laundering. If you are having rooms that receive a lot of sunlight, then it recommended that you use a light color for lining as sun damaged can be caused by silk. You can also opt for faux silk curtain options as it offers great durability and easy laundering options.

Color Option

Windows are considered the eyes of the house and it can, in turn, become beautiful with the help of the curtains. The first thing that you witness once you enter the room is the color that is being dominated as well as the sunlight that enters the house. A good color of the curtain can immensely affect the feelings, lives, moods, and swing. Hence it is important that you decorate them as per your need and don’t comprehend it at all. So, here are the types of color that you can select for your curtain.


Orange Window Curtains
Solid orange curtains give you a sense of comfort, provide energy and perhaps help you to accept the changes. These types of curtains are especially suitable for the kitchen as the following color helps to improve the digestion and perhaps help in stimulating in the air. However, it is recommended that you don’t use orange curtains in the bedroom as it can be too much stimulating.


Pink Window Curtains
Modern patterned pink curtains will generate love feelings and at the same time, it will promote tenderness. These types of curtains are certainly perfect for your bedroom as it gives positive signs for your relationship.


Brown Window Curtain
You will experience a cozy room with the light brown curtains. In addition, it will help you to concentrate well but at the same time, it would require bright interior accents so that the room doesn’t look dull and boring.


Red Window Curtain
Modern red color curtains make the people active, gives positive energy as well as stimulates the appetite. So, modern red color curtains can be perfect for the bedroom, kitchen and dining room. However, you should know the fact that red color can make you emotional and at the same time make you overeat.


Blue Window Curtain
Blue curtains can very well help you out in fighting anxiety and insomnia as well as help you to concentrate better. Hence, blue color curtains can be ideal for you to hang in the bedroom as well as in your house.


Turquoise Window Curtain
Having master Turquoise curtains can help you achieve inner harmony and it helps people to calm down as well. So, the following color is perfect for the kind of room where you want to recover and relax after a day of hard work.


Green Window Curtain
Lime green curtains are quite suitable for the bedroom as it can relax you out, give a very good sleep and make your room spacious as well. However, not everyone would like the color and may get irritated due to the fact of having too much green in the bedroom.

Match With Interior

Match With Interior Window Curtain
These types of curtains are ideally suited for the living room and it comes up with a shiny finish having slightly wrinkled texture. They allow the privacy and at the same time allow the ventilation of air to take place.


Golden Window Curtain
These types of curtains can certainly redefine the look of your house and they are ideally suited for the living room as well as the bedroom. Add some good interiors and your house would indeed be classic with the following curtains.


Purple Window Curtain
Dark purple curtains would give you the calming effect which helps in making your room more alive. This type of curtains is well suited with colored elements present in the room. This will potentially help you to be energized and indeed help you to be awake.


curtains for living room, living room, curtains
Yellow Grommet curtains will give you a sense of friendship. In addition, it will make your guest more relaxed as well as help them to communicate freely. Hence, it is recommended that you decorate window curtains with yellow color.

Type of curtain

If you are looking to decorate window curtains, then certainly a wide range of options are available, and you can select them depending on the need that you may be having. The common types of window curtains that are available are Hanging curtains, Tab top curtains, Eyelet curtains, Box pleated curtains, tailored pleat curtains, sheer curtains and pinch pleated curtains. We would be explaining all these types of curtains briefly in the paragraphs below.

Box Pleated

Box Pleat Window Curtain
Box pleated curtains give a tailored kind of look and it can be arranged in deep folds across the full length of the curtains. The box shapes are lined up close to each other which create a pleated and formal look. They are tailor-made for formal rooms such as dining, lounge and study and these types of curtains indeed look quite pleasing to the eyes.


Eyelet Window Curtain
Eyelet curtains are quite ideal for light and medium weight fabrics and it has silver rings present in the header. These types of curtains hang quite easily and freely and they are quite suitable for the bedrooms of kids as they are quite easy to close, open and maintain. In addition, if you use a formal fabric eyelet curtains, then it can indeed be a great option for the bedroom or the lounge room because of the contemporary style that it is having. These types of curtain can be a great compliment for rooms with table lamps.

Pinch Pleated

Pinch Pleat Window Curtain
Pinch pleated curtains give a decorative finish at the top and it works with almost all types of fabrics. There are five types of pinch pleated curtains available and having more pleats increases the fullness and size of the pleat. In addition, it would require more fabric and hence the cost of the curtains would increase accordingly.


Hanging Window Curtain
Different type of curtains would require a different kind of hanging needs. The curtains that are having loops, rings or tabs would require being hanged on curtain rod while on the other side formal curtains such as a cased heading or box pleat curtain would need to run alongside a track. Whether you want a formal or informal look, the length of the curtains would certainly play a major role.

Tailored Pleat

Tailored Pleat Window Curtain
Tailored pleat curtains are similar to a pinch pleat, but the matter of fact is that the pleat starts at the top of the fabric and then it falls from there on. Some people consider these types of curtains rather more stylish and perhaps less fussy. The best way to use the tailored pleat curtains is by using lightweight fabrics and it can certainly look quite good in your rooms.

Tab Top

Tab Top Window Curtain
Tab top curtains consist of fabric loops present at the top and it can be hung using a rod. It is an easy and informal style of curtain and it is certainly suitable for all the weights of the fabric. In addition, it comes up with repetitive folded appearance and it can be hung quite easily with ease.


Sheer Window Curtain
Sheer curtains give you the much-needed privacy and at the same time allow the light to enter through your curtains. Sheer curtains come up with a tab top design but it can be customized accordingly with other styles of curtains keeping in mind the properties that are associated with sheer fabric. These types of curtains are suitable for any kind of rooms that is available in your house.

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