Details To Consider Before Copying Celebrities’ Home Designs

We all have our favorite celebrities. We admire their talent and even their personal style that resonates from their outfits to their homes. While we may not have their lifestyle of the luxury to replicate their lavish homes, we may try to copy their home designs in our own. Here are details to consider before imitating celebrities’ home designs.

1. Know your property

Copying Home

Before you even start your floor planning, you have to know your property well because you want to make the most of it. Some things to take into consideration to know your property better include:

  • Know which area the sun rises or sets
  •  Know where the drainage systems are
  •  Know the accessibility of the driveway
  •  Know how near or far you are from neighbors, etc.

You want to picture your surroundings and what you want to see so that you can position rooms and spaces appropriately.

2. Determine your essentials

Think about how you want your life in that house, what features you need in the present and future. Some things to consider include:

  •  What’s something that you can’t bargain?
  •  How many bedrooms will your house have?
  •  Are you going to have a farmhouse sink in your kitchen like Jennifer Lopez?
  •  Are you going to have a pretty closet in your bathroom to store your essentials like the Ferris Bueller robe? Are you going to have a pool?

3. Think about your home in the future

How many years do you picture yourself in this home? How are future maintenance costs looking? Are you looking at increasing the cost of your home in case you’re selling it in the long run?

If you’re looking at your home as the place where you will raise your kids, then you have to think of their needs, too. Determine your priorities without compromising how you will live in the years to come.

4. Be clear on your budget

clear on your budget
How much are you willing to spend for your home? If you aren’t comfortable with putting in an exact figure, come up with a minimum to the maximum window. That way, when you go beyond the first figure, then you won’t be very guilty, but you will be more conscious not to go beyond the maximum amount.

While there are areas in the house where you can’t compromise, like safety features, you can personalize your house on a budget. Avoid spending too much and remember that renovation and improvements are options you can take in the future if there are things you have to compromise for now so you won’t have to be suffocated by the monthly bills you have to pay.

5. Who is building your home?

Are you going to get track builders, semi-custom builders, or custom builders? Don’t rush into a decision and take time to research what these builders can do for you.

Some questions to ask a builder include:

Once you’ve chosen which type if builder you’re hiring, select a company with a good reputation, stellar reviews, stable business, and see if they have warranty services, too. You don’t want a sketchy or sloppy work for a price you’re paying in full. You will also have peace of mind when you’re working with trusted and reliable people.

6. Decide on designs and floor plans

Decide on designs and floor plans
Going back to your essentials, this is where you use them. Work with your builder on where you’d like the bedrooms, bathrooms, and other spaces. You might want the living room facing the backyard or the ocean view you have. You might also add in a home theatre, home office, or library in the remaining space you have. Consider the architecture, style, and features you want in your home.

Other tips to consider when deciding on floor plans and designs include:

7. Figure out the decorative elements

We all have pictures in our heads on how we want our homes to look like. With the help of Pinterest, Google Search, and other platforms, you can create a mood board of how you want specific rooms to feel, or what vibe they give out. This is where your furniture, fabrics, painting colors, wall art, etc. come in.

Some tips when choosing decorative elements include:

You can consult the help if a professional if you aren’t sure if certain looks go together. Remember that you have a budget to stick to and don’t overspend on this area because it can get so fun and easy to get carried away. This is the area where you can save because there are DIY resources available all over instead of spending for every single decorative piece.

Designing your home is a fun but challenging process, but it is certainly rewarding. Every step and aspect is going to inspire you to do the next until you get to see the finished product. Remember appropriate planning is essential, and discussing all aspects of building the home with your partner or people you are going to live with, if this is the case, is also something that you shouldn’t shrug off. It’s going to be there home too.

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