Deck Placement: 7 Tips For Selecting Deck Location

Deck placement is one of the most challenging decisions for homeowners. Choosing a location for the deck placement is a decision that changes the appeal of the home for decades. So you can’t afford to get it wrong. There are several locations that you can install these outdoor features, with each of them providing a different vibe to your yard. The two most common places is right off the kitchen or living room.

However, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration when selecting the right location for the outdoor decks. Otherwise, you might fail to get the most out of these outdoor features. Here are some of the critical factors to consider when placing your outdoor deck. For more info and free consultation please contact

1. Privacy


The first and most crucial factor when selecting the location for deck placement is privacy. You should install these outdoor spaces on the most private area on your yard. That is why backyards are the most recommended places. It is an essential factor, especially if you are building it around a hot tub or swimming pool. But there could be a challenge with some homes that have no place that offers absolute privacy. In such cases, you might need to add other features such as privacy screen or lattice trellis to enhance privacy.

2. Sun Intensity

Decks enable the homeowners to enjoy their outdoors. One of the best times of the years when these outdoor features are useful is during the summer. That’s the reason why you should consider the intensity of the sun when selecting the location. If you live in a warm climate, then you need a place that provides shade during the hot part of the day. Similarly, homes in a cool climate require a location where maximum sun intensity during the prime usage hours.

3. Access from the House

The other factor you need to put into consideration is access from the house. For a great outdoor deck, it should be easy to access. That’s why we recommend that you build them an extension of your house. If you build it right off your kitchen or living room, you should be able to step out of them into the deck. Avoid installing it far away from your house because you might be unable to use it to the maximum.

4. What’s the Deck For

What’s the Deck For
The other crucial factor to consider when selecting a location for your deck is its purpose. Decks are designed and constructed for various reasons. Some would install them as part of the outdoor dining. If that is the primary purpose, then you need to consider building it right off the kitchen. But if you want a deck for enjoying your outdoor, reading or entertainment, then you need a location with minimal distraction. Next to the living room would be perfect.

5. Wind Intensity

Winds can make your stay on decks uncomfortable, especially when they are strong. Therefore, you need to check the direction of the winds to ensure there is very little or none into your outdoor deck. If the best place to build these outdoor features is already windy, then you can put up a wall to block the wind. Your deck builder can provide some of the best solutions to deal with the wind.


The views of your home is another factor that can determine the right location. If your property has a fantastic view that can be enhanced by installing a deck on a particular area on your yard, then that would determine the location. Similarly, if installing these outdoor features on a particular area will enhance the views of your property, consider the location.

7. Landscape

Landscaping is a crucial factor when selecting the right location of your deck. There are several landscaping features that you need to consider. Trees are some of the crucial landscaping features you need to consider. Trees add shade and also brings the nature vibe into space. They can also block the wind. Flower gardens can also make a bold statement.


If you are planning to install a deck, the most important thing you need to get right is the location. You must place it on an area where you will get the most out of it. From the accessibility, sun intensity, wind intensity, views, and purpose, you must get everything right. However, you need to hire a certified deck builder. Contact for professional decking services.

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