Critical Tips for Maintaining Bakery Equipment’s


Maintaining Bakery Equipments1

Bakery tools must be taken care of since any breakdown can cause serious inconvenience. Properly working machines improves workflow and also prevent accidents from happening in the kitchen. Proper and regular maintenance is essential to avoid deterioration. These are tips for maintaining bakery tools.

Thorough cleaning

When baking, you have to clean the machines regularly. Leaving flour particles, baking oils, and pieces of doughs on your equipment can build up and cause malfunction. A good routine is to clean after every shift. Also, there should be weekly, in-depth cleaning. Generally, the failure of machines and equipment is usually due to a lack of cleaning.

During the cleaning session, your staff needs to inspect all the baking machines. For any loose or worn out machine parts, you need to fix it immediately. Regular maintenance will minimize breakdowns which may cause inconveniences.

Maintaining Bakery Equipments

Use the Right Cleaning Products

When cleaning the bakery machines, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer guideline. For instance, equipment’s not needing soap should be cleaned using water only. You can use baking soda to get rid of stains instead of using powder. The baking soda is cost-effective, safe, eco-friendly, and excellent in removing sticky substance.

Also, metallic bakery racks can withstand water without damage. Stainless-steel machines cannot damage their surfaces even if you clean frequently. Using the right disinfectants, and chemicals prevent germs and diseases which are dangerous in any kitchen.

Furthermore, the warranties for machines and equipment are conditional. That is if you follow the maintenance instructions such as cleaning correctly, the warranty becomes valid. But if it’s proven the problems of the machine are due to personal negligence, the warranty becomes invalid.

Have Back-Up Spare Parts

It’s essential to have machines spare parts back-up. Having a spare part will help when there is an equipment breakdown. In such a case, you replace the part, continue with your baking as scheduled repairs for when you are not busy.


Abiding by the Manufacturer Instructions

When you buy equipment whether over the internet or in a brick-and-motor store, it’s best to confirm if you have the instructions manual. This booklet may help when assembling your machine.

Furthermore, all the relevant staff members need to read the manufacturer guidelines carefully. The employees have to know how to use the bakery machines, as stated in the guidelines. 

These manufactures instructions help in maintaining the equipment’s and well as protecting the warranty.

Keeping Equipment’s in Their Right Place

A bakery can be a bustling place, and that’s why all equipment has to be in their respective positions. The staff must keep all movables tools out of the way when not in use. This kind of organization will not only prevent damages to these machines but also avoid accidents in the kitchen such as tripping. For instance, a wrongly placed tray can trip a staff leading to a severe injury.

Bakery tools are not cheap, and thus after the purchase, every kitchen staff needs to care for them. Therefore, for the maintenance of kitchen equipment, it’s best to do in-depth cleaning, use the right products, follow the manufacturers’ guidelines, have spare part back-ups, and keep all tools in their rightful place. For bakery racks, you can buy stainless steel that will not damage during intensive use.

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