Best Outdoor Umbrellas 2020


Best Outdoor Umbrellas

Be it a rainy season or sunny weather, having a good quality umbrella will pretty much protect us from the external environment. Best quality outdoor umbrellas are the ones made of top-notch material and good outlook – providing us with both style and protection. Who wouldn’t want to have an umbrella that accentuates their style and provides them with the best safety they need from the sunlight or the rain!

In this review, we will walk you through some of the Australia best outdoor umbrellas that come with state of the art material and that are built with precise design and care.

1. Hurricane


Made of durable spun acrylic fabric, this range of umbrellas are made to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Australia and are suitable for both domestic as well as commercial use. The canopy gives the ultimate UV protection up to UPF 50 plus. What’s more, the UV stabilized sewing thread is highly resistant to rain. You can get a custom central mast on an extruded level with this umbrella. The structural aluminium pole comes with a silver industrial coating that prevents it from corrosion. The price for the Hurricane umbrella is $748

2. Bambrella Bamboo

Bambrella Bamboo

The laminated bamboo sheets are what make this umbrella unique and durable for the consumer. You get to have a strong bamboo pole with an elegantly shaped canopy top, having a double rope and pulley system for easy opening and closing. Celebrate the beauty of nature through the natural bamboo material used in the frame. What’s more, the frame is laminated with lacquer for enhancing and protecting its beauty. The price of this range stands as low as $748.

3. Sunranger Premium Timber

Sunranger Premium Timber

With a stainless steel system and aluminium protection, this umbrella is sure to impress you with its durability. The double pulley system ensures its safe closing and opening. For added strength and durability, the diameter has been increased – 48 mm and 59 mm. The pricing for this range starts as low as $548.25.

4. Savannah


The Savannah umbrella rotates to 360 degrees – through an effective foot pedal, it can get easily locked into its place. The canopy tilts through a convenient mechanism. It is ideal for consumers who want ready-made shade in a budget-friendly range. What’s more, the aluminium and marine grade fittings make it perfect for withstanding humid conditions, such as being near a swimming pool. The price of this range is $950.

5. Café Series Soho

Café Series Soho

This series is ideal for commercial use for its wide range of colours and extra durability it has to offer. The extra block fabric comes together with a stainless steel D-ring that makes a layer of mildew resistant webbing. This makes sure that the sail sits snugly and flies in the right manner with no excessive movement, and the webbing with triple stitching adds to the resistance. You can get the range starting from $499.

6. Asta


Engineered to perform at its best, the Asta comes as a side post umbrella and provides you with the option to cast a shade wherever you need it. With the marine grade materials along with the aluminium castings and stainless steel fasteners, the umbrellas are given a sturdy structure to stand on. The high-quality acrylic fabric makes sure it stands harsh weather conditions. Pricing starts at $2495.

7. Fairview


Available in an octagonal shape, the Shelta Fairview comes as a versatile umbrella for commercial use in a diverse range of colours. The umbrella comes with a unique collar tilt system that is usable even when you are sitting down. The opening and closing of the umbrella are made easy through the winder handle. The pricing range starts from $395 for this umbrella.

8. Seville


The Seville range of umbrellas is perfect for those who want huge umbrellas within an affordable price range. Starting at $449, the size of the umbrella = 4 m, makes it highly popular for swimming pool decks, shading courtyards, and other outdoor areas. There is a heavy-duty 48 mm pole with a good-quality Olefin canvas that makes it among the best-valued umbrellas to be included in shadeaustralia site.

9. Lynden


The Lynden comes as a middle-sized cantilever umbrella that has a 360-degree rotation through a multi pistol grip lock and a foot lock and makes it among the best quality outdoor umbrellas Australia. Most importantly, you get to have an option to cast a shade wherever you want as it doesn’t come with a central pole. The sturdiness of the design comes from its aluminium that is coated with anthracite. The olefin canvas increases the durability of the product.

10. Side Post Classic

Side Post Classic

Made of acrylic fabric and aluminium pole, this high-quality range is there to give you excellent durability and style in all types of environments. The canopy comes with a 360-degree rotation that makes it even easier to use. These were some of the best outdoor umbrellas featured in our best outdoor umbrellas Australia review.

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