Consider Roman Shades to Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetics


Window Treatment

Roman shades are a popular window treatment solution among interior designers. However, they come in so many shapes, forms, and patterns that choosing the right shades for your home décor can be confusing.

Planning your home’s interior to be both stylish and practical is not easy. You need to consider many factors, such as the quality of the light coming in through your windows. Natural light is important for your health and for the character of your rooms.

We asked window covering designer and manufacturer LOGANOVA Shades, how to choose Roman shades based on the design style of your home. LOGANOVA specializes in custom, hand-made Roman shades and has extensive experience helping clients enjoy the final results. Here are their tips:

1. Scandinavian

The Scandinavian interior design style is defined by simplicity. It favors functional accessories and fewer furnishings. You will often see an all-white with grey undertones palette setting off occasional splashes of color.

The choice is easy. Look for clean, serene-looking Roman shades. Both flat and relaxed roman shades will work, but the latter gives an extra touch of coziness. Opt for plain whites or greys or use geometric patterns as color accents.

2. Industrial

The industrial concept is all about exposed brick, metal fixtures, and minimalism. The typical industrial space is done in a neutral color scheme. Raw and unfinished materials inspire a no-nonsense, useful space. Lighting, whether natural or not, is an important feature. It can soften a hard-edged interior and warm high-ceilinged spaces.

Roman shades are ideal for industrial decor, as they can be functional while keeping within the clean lines. You can use flat Roman shades with geometrical patterns to keep your decor edgier. Or, tone it down with more flowing patterns.

3. Urban Modern

Urban Modern
Urban Modern interior design incorporates many minimalist, almost industrial characteristics. Clean and simple, this style features less furniture and fewer accessories, usually designed around squared graphic lines. When picking window treatments for this type of design, look for neat-and-tidy flat Roman shades. Geometric patterns work well within a natural and neutral color palette, but choose colors that don’t overwhelm.

4. Transitional

Transitional is one of the most popular home decor trends right now. The style combines traditional furnishings with modern elements that complement each other so that the room does not obviously belong to one particular style. When planning for this aesthetic, look for Roman shades with neutral colors that help balance the mix of concepts. Choose flat roman shades in simple patterns that denote elegance, such as the classic Greek print. Relaxed roman shades in plain sheer fabrics also complement this decorating style.

5. Traditional

Traditional interior design style is all about the opulence of rich colors and textures, luxurious fabrics, elaborate details, and sumptuous furnishings. Although draperies are the classic choice for this home aesthetic, Roman shades are a more modern option that can still capture the traditional spirit. Choose flat Roman shades made in thick fabric with floral patterns reminiscent of brocade. These elegant window coverings have a more drape-like look and feel. Their gentle dips and twists add interesting details.

6. Regardless of Style

No matter what style you plan to use in your home, every little detail is important in making it your own. Take window treatments seriously even though it may be difficult to find the right fit. LOGANOVA Shades recommends personal consultation and custom production for the perfect match of your décor dreams with quality fabrics and precision fit-and-finish.

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