Common Causes Of Paint Cracking And How To Prevent It

Every home does well from a fresh coat of paint on the walls. It’s surprising what a little bit of paint can do to a room and house. It can lift up the ambience, make the home appear much newer and provide a fresh aesthetic as soon as you walk in.

It’s often known as one of the most cost-effective ways you can upgrade your home. What happens though when your paint starts cracking? Was there anything you could have initially done to perhaps prevent this from ever happening in the first place?

In fact, hiring a team of professionals who know what they are doing and have all the right tools in their kit can be massively helpful. This way, you can have paint that lasts and looks amazing. Check out the range of painters and decorators Gold Coast has to offer such as Jason Swanson Painting & Decorating.

Common Reasons Why Paint May Crack And How To Avoid It From Happening

Common Reasons Why Paint May Crack And How To Avoid It From Happening

For extra longevity, put in place these tips so you can have a wonderful finished product that lasts and doesn’t crack or peel as time goes by.

  • Stop Paint Bubbles – When you see bubbles in the paint work, it is a sign that there is a lack of adhesion due to dampness, heat or both. This is an issue. Eventually, it will lead to cracking and peeling as it hasn’t taken to the wall properly. Here are some things to watch out for to prevent it:
  1. Ensure the surface is sanded down and prepared properly
  2. Check if there isn’t much moisture on the walls
  3. Don’t paint when the walls are hot or damp
  4. Avoid oil based/latex paints as they may cause bubbles
  • Buy Quality Paint – When the pain cracks, this is also an indication the paint is cheaper or of lower quality.
  • Don’t Apply Too Many Layers – This is another reason paint peels. These may cause mud cracks which appear to be deeper compared to the lack of quality paint which may cause hairline cracks instead.

Don’t Apply Too Many Layers

  • Leave Enough Time For The Paint To Dry – If there isn’t enough drying time between the layers of coats you paint, this can be a quick route to cracking. Ensure the previous coat has dried properly before applying the next layer.
  • Repair Or Repaint Even Small Cracks – Any type of crack can lead to bigger cracks and more paint issues down the line. It’s best to catch them early so even small cracks that aren’t taken care of will eventually lead to flaking and leave your walls looking messy and unkept.

Following these tips will help greatly to prevent paint cracking. Avoiding hot, damp and humid conditions when painting, ensuring you have quality paint and waiting a good amount of time before applying more are must-dos. These essential tips will ensure your paint lasts and looks great in the process.

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