Commercial Trends To Watch Out For Down Under In 2019



Studies suggest that the commercial construction industry in Australia will grow by as much as 8% to 9% in 2019. The trends that you get to see in this arena are always changing.

As such, it is even more crucial for this sector to stay abreast with the latest developments that take place about not just the construction and building trends but also the technologies that govern the same.

In this write-up, let us find out what you can expect to see in this industry. So, read on for more information.

Top trends to follow in 2019

Check out the anticipated changes in the industry in the paragraphs that follow-

  1. Environmentally friendly building techniques

The main aim is to reduce the so-called carbon footprints and also ensure that the materials that you use for construction are ecologically friendly.

More and more builders are using “environmentally sustainable” material like recycled steel and renewable timber thereby making an effort to reduce the carbon footprints. Not only that moving into energy efficient homes mean that you will be able to cut down on electricity bills too.

  1. Safety of workers

Safety First On Business Card

Since the incidence of “work-related injuries” is the highest in this sector, the protection of workers continues to be a priority for all. Builders are increasingly using concepts like exoskeletons, virtual reality, and site sensors to ensure the same.

There is another advantage of minimising the instances of accidents, and that is aside from the safety of workers, builders will also be able to save on the cost related to the treatment of injured workers and accident related deaths.

  1. Durable building materials


Research and development related to materials used for the structure have revealed that incorporating resilient and sustainable elements for construction will make living much comfortable and cost-effective. In the current year, you can expect the usage of materials for greater durability, namely,

  • Air cleaning bricks
  • Self-healing concrete
  1. Modular Construction

The residential structures have seen the use of modular techniques. It is expected that a similar concept will be implemented for commercial structure buildings in 2019.

  1. Better waste management

Experts are expecting that methods like DID or Design for Disassembly and recyclability from renowned names like Advanced Deconstruction will ensure better management and disposal of waste material from construction sites. You can implement these methods as they are already in use at several places. And you can expect the trend to spill over for the current year in different parts of Australia.

  1. Buildings for multiple uses

Because e-commerce continues to be a dominating trend as far as shopping is concerned, more commercial structures are coming up. The idea is to enable people to use parts of the buildings as offices that can cater to virtual customers as customer support outlets or counters and storefronts that can foster interactive sessions with online clients. Also, corporate stalwarts like Amazon are opting for their own physical space to facilitate their online operations.

Roughly speaking, the primary objective is to incorporate the various elements into the construction that will not just give you value for money but will also make sure you meet your business requirements.

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