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Clever Tips to Keep the Chilly Winds Away During Winter Months

Just like our lifestyle, we should also bring adequate alterations to our homes for being in sync with the changing seasons. Today we are going to discuss about some effective tips for surviving the cold winter months without sacrificing on your comfort factor.

  • Sheer curtains might be the perfect choice for being in trend during summer, but they are rarely of much help when it comes to keeping the cool out. You can thus consider investing in some insulated or layered roller blinds or curtains for enhancing the level of protection against the raging winter winds.
  • If you are thinking of redecorating your house this winter, then you can implement some warming hints of brass or timber and chunky knitted throws. Even arranging some velvety cushions next to the fireplace can make a considerable difference if you are planning on creating a snug space for cuddling up with a mug of steaming chocolate on a laidback winter evening.
  • While summer times call for painting your walls in pristine shades of white, winter paves the requirement for rich and warming hues such as olive green, terracotta and blush pink for creating an inviting and cosy retreat from the cold.
  • The space you wish to heat can serve as the perfect yardstick for gauging the type of heater which shall suit your needs. The best budget space heaters blow air across a heating element which is usually a ceramic plate prior to circulating the heated air all around your house. However, the space heaters should always be placed at a low-foot-traffic spot and away from flammable fabrics.
  • If you have hardwood, tiles or concrete floors, then rugs can serve as an effective way for covering up the same. Hardwood floors are infamous for bringing down the room temperature during winter months as they cannot hold in any heat thus making it mandatory to either place rugs all around or opt for underfloor heating.
  • You can stock up firewood and keep it dry so that you don’t have to panic at the onset of winter.
  • No one wants to jump out of bed during the winter months and step directly onto a cold floor. Thus, if you have been pondering over carpeting your home or maybe just even the bedrooms then now is the right time to go ahead with the same.
  • Fan blades can be set to run in clockwise direction in a slower fashion so that the cool air gets lifted up to the ceiling and the heated air gets pushed downwards. While some fans have a remote switch for assisting in such alterations, others have to be dealt with manually through a small toggle switch located on the fan body.
  • Hot-water pipes running through your basement can be insulated by snapping foam sleeves on them. You will easily come across some hollow-core and pre-slit flexible foam pipe insulation in the hardware stores. Don’t forget to make a note of the lengths and diameters of your pipes while coming to the shop for purchasing insulation.
  • You can bring home an electric heating mat which melts snow from your stairs thus preventing potential injuries which could have been caused by slip-and-fall accidents. Designed especially for home usage, this device can be left outside the entire winter season.
  • Tour your home inside out for finding and filling in gaps and cracks in windows, siding and foundation. While caulk can be used for small cracks, bigger fissures can be dealt with foam sealers.

So, what are you waiting for? Ward off those winter blues and make your house as much inviting and warm as possible by following the tips listed above.

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