Choosing a Stylish Bar Table for Your Home



Bar tables are becoming increasingly popular not only for home use but also for business purposes. Stylish and practical at the same time, bar tables allow you to create compact bar areas.

You must consider various subtleties and individual preferences to choose the right bar table for your home. This requires careful planning. Selecting a design model that fits perfectly with the furniture set and complements the room, making it more practical and comfortable in everyday life is essential.

Accommodation options

There are different ways to place a bar counter in a small kitchen. The choice of installation features directly depends on the buyer’s preferences and the room’s characteristics. Key options include:

  • To save space, turning the window sill into a bar table is reasonable. Perpendicular installation is also allowed. The model is placed in such a way as to ensure free access of air to the heating radiator and unimpeded opening of the window sashes.
  • The arrangement along the free wall goes well with the linear array of furniture in a narrow room. With this method, the length of the countertop can reach impressive dimensions. The addition of several shelves will give the design a complete look, and create storage space. To achieve an increase in the surface, you can use the rotary section. With one edge, it is attached to the countertop, and on the other side, there is a support ending with a roller.
  • The tabletop of the folding model is usually in an upright position and quickly rises when it is needed. This option can be called the most rational in terms of space utilization. And if you attach the folding part to a narrow pedestal, you can achieve an increase in width.

The built-in bar counter can be hidden under the countertop of the kitchen set. It is extended by rotation around the support element or along guides. The disadvantage of the design is the reduction in the distance to the floor compared with the standard value. This disadvantage is associated with the height of the worktop.


Design features

The base of the bar counter can be separate supports, solid elements, and brackets. In the first case, chrome-plated metal pipes and wooden legs of the round, square, or rectangular section are used. This design looks elegant and does not clutter up the room.

The second option involves the creation of other storage places in the form of cabinets. The underframe can be made of chipboard, MDF, solid wood, and drywall. In a small kitchen, the creation of such a design is unjustified.

The brackets securely support the wall-mounted table top. In the folding version, the stops are attached to the back of the cover and independently take the desired position after lifting. Their number depends on the length of the surface. Lack of contact with the floor has a positive effect on overall perception. A well-chosen bar counter can be an attractive interior solution for your home.

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