5 Exercises Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game



Perhaps you are looking to improve your golf game, we assume you are, since you are here. There are plenty of at-home exercises you can complete to improve your golf game, focused on strengthening muscles that are important to a good golfing swing. 

We have narrowed down which muscles usually cause the most faults, and have looked into the exercises you can do to help prevent these faults from happening. 

Muscles That Matter

Of course, all your muscles matter! However, when it comes to golf swings some muscles are more important. 

For example, you may not think it, but your glutes are the king of your swing. Why? Well, they provide you with stability, power, and mobility. The hips are especially important in this. So, if your glutes are weak, there will be many faults in the sway, early extension, slide, and loss of posture. 

You may have an S-posture, and even a reversed spine angle! 

Most golfers will have heard some of these terms in their careers, and it is no surprise, as having weak glutes can lead to an endless list of problems. 

So, strengthening your glutes is one of the things you should focus on with utmost importance as you work on making your golf swing perfect. 

#1. Step-Ups (Side)


The first exercise that we would recommend would be to do side step-ups. This exercise focuses on the gluteus medius muscle, which provides lateral stabilization to your hips. 

If you can strengthen this muscle, then it helps you to craft a much more stable base that will be able to transfer energy through your upper body and into your club head. 

You can use a bench to do this exercise, although you could also start on something a bit smaller, an 8” platform, or even stair steps can work well. 

Begin by raising your planted toe, ensuring all weight off is lifted by the leg that you have on the platform (regardless of what the platform is). 

Then, straighten out your leg at the very top to give your glutes a total workout. This will help to strengthen your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, hamstrings, and your quads, in whichever leg is the one involved. 

Do not forget to repeat this on both legs. 

Doing this type of exercise will help to provide you with dynamic stabilization in your lower body, not only strengthening your glutes but also enhancing your mobility to allow you to be able to rotate around a much more solid lower body. 

It is best to complete around 2 to 3 sets of about 15 repetitions per leg.

#2. Rotation Lunges

The second exercise you should be doing is designed to strengthen the lower half of the body, all while creating a separation between the lower body and the upper body. Doing this is what makes it possible for the top golf players to be able to create the immense distance they can. 

This lunge is a very basic lunging exercise, however, the rotations we have added allow you to get the separation that you need in the sport. 

You should start in a standing position, and from there carry on into a position where your back knee is only just touching the floor, as is typical of a lunge. This exercise is effective if you use your leading leg to lower and lift the weight of your body. 

Your front knee should not extend past your toes either, so ensure your step is large enough for this. 

The rotation in this exercise is what makes it so perfect. You can reach across your body, straightening your opposite arm, pointing it up to the ceiling, creating mobility in your thoracic spine, and letting you separate and rotate even better in your swinging. 

Do this for around 15 repetitions on either side, in 2 to 3 sets.

#3. Core Rotations With A Medicine Ball


Next, we want to look at the abdominal muscles. These muscles are made up of 4 separate muscles, the internal and external obliques, the rectus abdominis, and the transverse abdominis. All of these together will get exercised in this workout. 

Your core will be used through your golf swing, and it is critically important that it is strong enough to ensure proper rotation can be made, and your posture is healthy. 

We suggest using a 10 lb dumbbell for this workout, however, you can use whatever works best for you. You could even use a golf ball or a medicine ball. 

The primary thing about this exercise is that you need to keep your feet off of the floor to properly work out the rectus abdominis. Then, you need to rotate to the opposite side for a single repetition, from this, perform around 2 to 3 sets of 25 to 30 repetitions to get the best results.

#4. Cat Camels

The next exercise you should do helps to create mobility in your spine, this will help to strengthen the muscles around your lower back, core, and hips. This is an exercise that allows you to rotate yourself and can help to give you a much better idea of what your posture should be. 

This can simulate an S-shaped posture, helping to strengthen the lower back, hip flexors, and erector spinae muscles in your lower back.

The camel section of this exercise can activate the abdominal muscles to tilt the pelvis and activate the hamstrings. This should give your thoracic spine extra mobility, helping you to rotate your torso better. 

To find neutrals, you also want to be in between an S and a C posture, which emulates most golfers. For the best results from this exercise try to do 20 reps per 2 to 3 sets. 

#5. Shoulder External Rotations (Sword Draws)


This is one of the favorites among golfers, it will help to strengthen your rotator cuff, as well as the posterior musculature of your shoulders. 

Begin with a light dumbbell and stand in your normal golfing stance. Be sure to maintain your posture throughout your exercise throughout the exercise, and this will help you to gain good posture in your swing as well. 

Begin to externally rotate your shoulder, as this contacts the posterior musculature and strengthens your shoulder’s dynamic stabilizers. 

Ensure that you maintain focus on performing this exercise slowly, maintaining your posture to get the best results. 

Complete your movement by setting the weights at the top, much like you would with your golf club as you perform a swing. Try to complete 2 to 3 sets of 15 on each side. By doing this you will give yourself a stronger core, base, and shoulders. 

This should help you prevent some of the typical golfing faults we usually see and will give you a better swing, giving you more accuracy and power in your practice.


These are five of the best exercises you can do that will improve your golfing ability. Everyone wants to be better at golf, however, it can be very difficult to be able to improve if your muscles are weak in the places that matter most.

The biggest issue is that most of us do not know which muscles are most important. 

Today, not only have we given you some exercises to focus on, but we have introduced you to the knowledge of which muscles matter most in golf.

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